Men using lady's Facial Mask in Korea?
Men using lady's Facial Mask in Korea?

Men Using Lady’s Facial Masks in Korea?

The concept that men don't need to apply face products or that they can't use the same products as women is a much misunderstood idea. While men and women may have certain physiological differences in their skin, taking care of it is of no less importance to men than it is to women. Hence, any products out there that are for certain skin types and used by women, can also be used by men.

What's the Difference?

The idea that men and women have very different skins and cannot use the same products is somewhat a distorted one to perhaps promote the marketing of skin care products for both genders.  Men can essentially use any skin care product a woman uses because it is not about the differences in gender skin types as much as it is about the type of skin, whether dry or oily. Therefore, skin care for men is simply a money making gimmick, where the ingredients of the products are more or less the same, but product names are different.

Skincare in Korea

Women from Korea are known for their flawless and youthful looking skin. It may have to do with genes, but a lot of it also has to do with their everyday skin care routines which they follow religiously. If their men tend to use the same products as the women then it is no doubt that Korea must be making some Beth amazing products that can do miracles on the skin.

Facial Masks

Facial Masks are used as a part of beauty regimen to give your skin a healthy glow. Generally these masks are used twice or thrice a week after a thorough cleansing of tube face. Sheet face masks are used by Koreans two to three times a week in order to regain the moisture that is lost from their skin. These masks give the skin a luscious look. Natural Republic Real Fresh Mask Sheets come in a variety of different scents and ingredients such as pomegranate, lotus, tea tree, olive, lemon, blueberry, green tea etc. Each ingredient offers its own benefits and is extremely beneficial for the skin. Furthermore, LomiLomi 7 Skin Scheduler Masks include one mask for each day of the week and each mask has a different ingredient.


Although women enjoy pampering with such skincare products, these are equally beneficial for men and can be used by them as well. Hence the reason behind men using these same masks for their faces as well because it is the ingredients that matter, and not what the gender labels on the packets.




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