Why to Mask a Men’s face?

Why to Mask a Men’s face?

It is not a matter of gender; it is a matter of care and protection .Skin care has grown some more limbs that is, nowadays skin care regimen is not restricted to females, in addition, it has expanded its vision towards men skin care profiles to make them fresh, fit and protected from the pollutants. Thanks to Korean Men’s skin care regimen and product that comprises separate segments for women and men skin care categories.

Men’s skin care in no ways mean to apply vibrant make-up on the face, rather it deals with the protection of skin from elements like dust, chemicals and the big culprit –The Sun. Along with the similar steps used in female skin care program, a variety of Korean men skin care products hitting the market in the area of men skin care regimen for example cleanser, toner, lotion. Moisturizer and last but not the east .The Facial Masks.

Masks are used to, detoxify, increase blood flow, moisturize and refill nutrients. In addition they add acompletion feature tomen’sskin-care routine, therefore it is ridiculous to associate them only to females as men skin is more exposed to sun and other pollutants and need extra care to be healthy in future.

Facial masks are also adopted because you can apply them comfortably at home with sometimes no cost as the ingredient of the mask are right there in your kitchen shelves. But it is more worthy if you pick prepared mask from your nearest skin care store or to order on-line at the Korean skin care product line like Skin18 has introduced hundreds of products with extra ordinary natural ingredients to suit the particular type of men’s skin. This skin is as categorized as Normal, oily or dry based on the sebaceous gland secretion rate. Pick the one that is for your skin.

You can choose from

  • Foodaholic 3D Collagen Natural Essence Mask: The concentrated collagen delivers moisture to the rough skin making the skin tight. Stimulates collagen synthesis in old skin will erase wrinkles and improve the men’s skin texture.
  • Mediheal WHP White Hydrating Charcoal Mineral Mask: as low as the price ,just in $1, mask with activated charcoal is lined up with natural castor oil and fruit extract to combat against environmental invaders like dirt, debris or toxins .The charcoal hits the deep sitting clogging agents in the pore via exfoliation and keep the men’s skin smooth.
  • Mirum Fresh Fruit Green Tea Real Natural Mask Pack: Green tea will lift the metabolism of skin and act as a non-irritant. It is a compact covering sheet to give you relaxation and protection. Skin 18 is now distributing this amazing men skin care mask completely free.
  • Xilix Tiger animal wrinkle mask sheet (Anti-wrinkle) is a unique combination of Swift let Nest Extract and Peptide complex to battle with the tough skin texture of men, available in animal characters, this is a fun to apply mask for both men and women.

Skin18 is daily show casing amazing face sheet masks meant for both men and women  and if you are a man of style, promise yourself to practice yourself with a Korean skin care routine with applying facial masks for your own skin type.

Skin18 has more than 300+ facial mask sheets to be selected from, get your mask now!

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