How can a man enjoy skin care? 9 Simple Tips for Men’s Skin Care

 How can a man enjoy skin care? <span style="line-height: 1.4; font-size: 15px;">With 9 Simple Tips for Men’s Skin Care</span>
How can a man enjoy skin care? With 9 Simple Tips for Men’s Skin Care

Most people often ask a question-Is the skin of men rough than that of women? Researchers say no. There are obviously some certain differences between the two types of skin because some of the hormones are different but the basic skin type is almost the same. Men has oil, sweat glands that are richer than women’s. They have thicker endodermis too, but the need of skin care is the same as women do.

Today’s men are quite concerned about their skin care. They feel the need of taking proper care of the skin. But they are too lazy to spend some time for skin care and that’s why they are often seen buying creams that are easy to apply. But only creams cannot fill the need of skin. Healthy and glowing skin needs extra care and nutrition. To enjoy a better skin, a man needs to perform the following:

  1. Cleansing: Men often does not know the harms of impolite soaps and harsh scrubs. They usually use these to clean their faces. But it makes the skin dry. They need to avoid hot shower, apply mild moisturizing soap or gentle scrubs for cleansing so that the excess oil can be removed and hydration can be restored.
  2. Moisturizing: Daily moisturizer is a must for a healthy skin. Moisturizers make skin balanced and properly hydrated. Facial hair may look bold on guys but it does not feel good. Moisturizer makes skin soft and touchable
  3. Quality Razor: Men must avoid using cheap razors because it harms their skin too much. Skin becomes very rough and uneven. So they should buy a quality razor to get better skin
  4. Shaving Gel: While buying, men must take care of the quality of their shaving gel. A good quality shaving gel can let them to be free from germs. It provides them protection during shaving. It softens the facial hair evenly and helps to shave smoothly.
  5. After Shaving Lotion/Cream: Men must apply after shaving lotions or creams using a cotton ball or fingers because it restores hydration that the skin has lost while shaving. The after shave lotion needs containing skin repairing properties including antioxidant. As alcohol makes skin dry, it must be free from it.
  6. Sun Screen: Sun screen is a must for both women and men because it protects the skin from the harmful UV-Ray. The sun damages skin and causes irritation, allergy, sun-tan, sunburn, skin redness and even severe skin cancer. So it is too necessary to avoid sun ray even for a day. And so the sunscreen must contain SPF 40 or more.
  7. Perfumes: Men usually use perfumes of rich smell which contain skin irritating substances. They need to avoid these types of perfumes or body sprays and grab mild scented ones excluding alcohol and other harmful substances.
  8. Hair Gel, Lip Balm and Others: Men should think twice before using hair gel because it can cause hair fall. All the cosmetics they use every day like body wash, hair gel, hair shampoo, lotion, lip balms should be quality products. And a healthy and balanced diet is also useful for skin care. All should pay attention to it.

skin18 can provide all skin care products a men needs but not the shaving process - every man needs to shave.  The shaving process is as complicated as a lady's skin care routine process - enjoy your skin care process just like the way you enjoy your skin care routine.  Start with cleansing and moisturizing today.


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