Once upon a time, not too long ago, beauty and skincare were within the precincts of the female population. Men either ignored the topic or were shy to profess interest. It was not considered 'manly' to use cosmetics. But, not anymore! With the advent of Korean skin care products using natural and elemental ingredients, a whole range of skin care products are available for the man who cares to save his skin from the detrimental effects of exposure to pollution.

The social stigma attached to men who seek to maintain a smooth and blemish free skin does not exist anymore. Even as the Korean Beauty industry inundates the market with newer and more innovative cosmetics for women's skin care, they have not neglected men. Korean men also follow the traditional skin care regimen as women do, so it is only natural to expect the same number of cosmetics and skin care products for men.

A typical skin care routine would start with washing the face. There are many cleansing bars like the Grinif Nature Oatmeal Bar or foam cleansers like Tony Moly Ferment Snail cleanser, Soothing and moisturizing Aloe Vera Gel foam, and the ever popular Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing foam. For sensitive skin, it is advisable to use a gentle cleanser such as Nature Republic Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel.

Take special care if you have an oily skin. Problems like acne, pimples, and blackheads are common. It is advised to opt for a face wash from Skin18 that contains Tea Tree oil or Rose water. The former is a great toner for oily skin, and immediately splashing cold rose water will help tighten the skin and keep it protected from dirt. It is a good practice to wash your face at least twice with warm water daily. It will enlarge the pores and clear the oils. Always apply   in small circular motion with your finger tips.

The next step in the routine is to exfoliate or scrub away any dead skin, oil, or  impurities. This step is especially important for men because it helps remove dead or flaky skin from the surface as well as eliminates layers of dead skin that clog the pores. This healthier skin is easier to treat with a moisturizer or serum and is easier for the razor to glide when you shave. Exfoliation  rejuvenates the skin and adds brightness to it. Skin18 offers excellent exfoliating scrubs containing Oatmeal and Almond boost Vitamin A and vitamin E levels.

Skin Toning is an essential part of skincare. This step ensures your skin's natural PH balance. Use only natural toners with as less alcohol as possible. Grooming cannot be complete without applying the essential oils or essences. This oil imparts a smoothness to the skin, which is otherwise impossible.

Skin18's extensive choice of essences, Serums and Ampoules. The Moisturizer will be the last layer to lock in the moisture and the Mist gives you a refreshing and perfumed finish!

Be a man and start your skincare today! 

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