Both extraneous and domestic effects can damage the skin. Any reaction may have several causes from dietary, bacterial or hormonal changes to external factors such as the sun. The Korean culture has introduced latest trends in skin care area the skincare industry is introducing new products with a unique theory of step by step approach. This skin care is not limited to women only but is widespread message for all.

STEP 1: The Wash

First step while caring for your skin in every culture is always obviously face wash. It is necessary to remove the broad impurities that may hurdle the future projection

STEP 2: Cleansing

When you are ready for a skin workout warm up with a cleanser. You can apply cleanser with a small circular motion and pat your face with a towel. Avoid wiping out the cleanser quickly. Choice for cleanser depends on your skin for example mild liquid cleanser for an oily skin. The purpose is to get rid of dirt and harshness of the day.

STEP 3: Exfoliation

Use a scrub to exfoliate your skin this step is not a daily routine but you can scrub your skin weekly concentrate on your forehead nose and chin area. For sensitive and dry skin use tanners while I if you have oily skin opt for an astringent.

STEP 4: Oiling

It doesn't mean that you brush a cupful of oil on your face but the term refers to the essence go for an essential oil for a smooth texture. Keenly scan the ingredients that suit your skin. This is to obtain a smooth texture for the severe male skin.

STEP 5: Applying Eye cream

The most delicate skin covering your body lies under your eyes; it is the foremost feature to represent your age so it is a key to apply eye cream under your eyes daily.

STEP 6: Moisturizing

They basically lock moisture in your face. Chose them cautiously and use them before going to bed. They last for long. They should be used starting from the forehead down to your chin.

STEP 7: Application of Mask

The skin Care product shelf is bulging out with different facial masks brands select one that suits you. Deep nourishing lemon mask yogurt mask can be applied according to your skin type. Read the directions of preparing and apply with a fine brush. Let the mask dry then wipe out with cold water. It is for Hydration and detoxification of your skin.

STEP 8: Spraying Mist

After all the procedures spraying mist over your face is ideal mist ranges from cheaply available rosewater to more rare chemical sprays. Men often find it their favorite step as it acts as refreshment to the face. You can change the fragrance of your face mist by adding purified water and essential oil of your own choice.

STEP 9: Toning

Other than these steps the tone is also used by Korean hunks to recreate their skin pH it also helps to clean up impurities which result due to use of cleanser. It is desirable to avoid alcohol free tones

STEP 10: Giving Extra Treatment

If you need some specific skin treatment then you can apply products for example acne cream after ailing your skin.

Hence Korean skin care regimen give a complete package in men skin care regimen

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