This generation has come a long way in forgetting the regressive days of gender stereotype when skincare was a domain exclusively reserved for the fairer sex. Men were socially accepted for their rugged, unkempt appearances and somehow the dirty, Neanderthal look added to their so-called manliness. However with increasing effort been made globally to reduce gender differences, men are not far behind from women in taking care of the way they look and their overall presentation.

What is a BB Cream for Men?

The BB Cream for Men, often referred to as Beauty Balms, are much like the ones used by the women. These are a multi-faceted skincare product which rectifies unevenness of different skin tones, reduces oiliness, eradicates wrinkles and inflammation of skin, has whitening properties and protects the skin against harmful UV rays of the sun.

Who should use the BB cream?

Every man looking forward to taking care of his skin should opt for this magical all-in-one cream: be it an young man troubled with irregularities in his skin or an old man who wants to re-capture his youthful radiance, BB Cream is the coming-of-age solution for all.

These creams come in several varieties suited for different skin types: oily, normal, dry, blemish full, uneven skin. One should be careful to choose the BB Cream which corresponds to their individual skin type.

Best BB Cream’s feature that suited for every Man’s needs – Features that you did not know

BB cream is famous for evening out and lightening up the skin tone, fighting against wrinkles, controlling excess shine, reducing the appearance of pores and redness and protecting the skin against the sun’s UV rays with an SPF 35 formulation. Users praise BB cream because while the sun-protecting elements prevent harmful UV radiations from damaging one’s skin, the cream does not leave excess oil after use.

There are some products that is formulated specifically for guys, as it is easily layered and offers a sheer coverage that hides blemishes without resembling makeup. The odour can be fresh and manly without being aggressive, some men tries to avoid strong fragrances, which made some products best to be found in the market. Many BB cream also loaded with UV protection and SPF 35 as well as ingredients which hydrate, moisturize and fight against wrinkles. This BB cream is intended for men with dry and normal skin as it may increase oil production and may be too much if you have an oily complexion.

Other BB cream in particular to help cover blemishes and even out their skin tones. Antioxidants and caviar extract help to protect skin from pollutants while arbutin eradicates undesirable dark patches of skin. It includes special ingredients which provide protection against the sun and reduces signs of aging. Many BB cream are made meant for both the sexes: in case girlfriend or wife already has it, sneaking a dab here and there to test before purchasing won’t hurt!


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