For a long time, women have been known to be the ones who use cosmetics. It is perceived that men should just be simple and not associate themselves with beauty related products. However, that seems to be an obsolete idea in Korea. Today, the Korean cosmetics brands are campaigning and advising men to enhance their personal body appearance. This can be achieved by the use of cosmetics, and this seems compelling to most Korean men as they tend to use the much campaigned for beauty products.

Among all the cosmetics products that are available you will find most Korean men at the retail in demand for lotions, other skin-care creams and colognes. According to the latest government statistics, a majority of men use approximately 13 cosmetics brands on a monthly basis in their early 20s. The local cosmetics companies have taken advantage of this market opportunity by diversifying their products and increasing their supply to counter the demand in the market.

Korean Men Cosmetics Grew by $1,030 million!!!

The Korean men cosmetics industry grew by approximately $1, 030 million in the previous year, and that translates to 62.8% in the past five years. The Korean cosmetics brands have therefore restructured their business objectives and are now concentrating on men. The entrepreneurs have now introduced to the market different brands of men’s skin care products that can be obtained at retail.

The Face Shop, a subsidiary of LG Corperation, which is a Korean Cosmetics Empire, provides the men who engage in sporting activities with their product; it protects them from UV sun. The Face Shop also stresses the importance of marketing techniques and product development mostly for men. There is also Handsome BB cream product for men from the Innisfree brand. A government research reveals that 20% of males ranging from 15 to 59 years have once used Handsome BB cream in the past month.  The male K-pop stars are very good looking and they became the role model of innovative men using skincare products – it is not a girlish thing anymore.

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Apparently, Innisfree has an initiative dubbed “Innisfree Zone” done in open fields at baseball stadiums and university events where they sample their large scale products. LG Household & Health Care, which is also a competitive cosmetics firm, intends to overhaul its packaging and improve the men’s product design in the next coming months. In his speech, the LG Household & Health Care spokesman said that they intend to provide product lines that are different from the common skin toner to cater for the rising demand of anti-aging cosmetics.

That being said, it is clear that in Korea, everyone wants to look good on the basis that the first impression is the most important. Hence, even men choose not to be lagging behind but engage themselves in cosmetics. The cosmetics brands have been forced to target and concentrate more on men’s cosmetics products.

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