Is there any difference between Skin Types of Men and Women?

 Is there any difference between Skin Types of Men and Women?


The difference between the skin of men and women has been always a topic of discussion. At the beginning, traditional opinions were not unanimous, but there was not too much concern about it.  However, with the arrival of the new millennium some important things started to change.  Among them, the significant advance of medical science with new surgical equipment and procedures available for both genders, the incredible development of cosmetic industry and the fast growing interest of men in taking care of themselves and improve their appearance as never before.              

All these situations have become this topic in a very interesting theme to clear up.  Although it is very well known that men and women are different in many ways, recent studies have determined that there are not major differences between men´s and women´s skin; but some doubts are still present.

Some basic differences in thickness, hormonal and collagen levels may vary along the time, but they do not represent an obstacle for any gender to obtain benefits of similar skin care routines. Moreover, it seems that differences in life style, physical strength and social paradigms affect more significantly when it comes to allow people to understand about this.


Traditionally, hard work and heavy duties are associated to men and lighter activities to women. Although it is not true in many cases, it seems to be the general perception. Activities were they traditionally men get involved such as military, extreme sports, and others, make people think their skin is also part of the elevated resistance.

Even if men took care of themselves and their appearance, they did not do it as frequently as women did and they did not have the same level of interest.  Currently, men are embracing healthier life styles and it is what is changing the cosmetic industry by adding a new market segment with men.


It is well known that usually men are physically stronger than women.  People associate this physical strength with stronger skin, but this is not true.  Some biological and physiological processes are different and they create some differences about how each gender´s develop, but men´s skin is not stronger. Both, men and women, process external agents on the skin in the same way.   


In most of the cultures around the world men are the main providers and it associates them with a stronger body parts.  Although traditional men´s roles in many cultures and families still remain, it does not necessarily result in a stronger or better skin of men. 

With all this said, differences between men and women are not related to the skin!  

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