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Luke Eye Patch to comfort your eyes with wrinkles

 Luke Eye Patch to comfort your eyes with wrinkles

Luke Eye Patch to comfort your eyes with wrinkles, puffiness, firmness, and nutrition pumping:

Luke has a range of eye patches that not only moisturize the skin around the eyes and reduce wrinkles, but also make the skin more firm and supple. The range includes a product for removing the puffiness and another one for pumping in some nutrition to make the eyes look lively.

The eyes mirror the health and age of the person. Lack of proper nutrition reduces the sparkle in the eyes, giving the face a dull expression. If the skin around the eyes has wrinkles, dark circles, or puffiness, it can overshadow the beauty of the eyes.

Wrinkles around eyes are common, irrespective of the age of the person, though they become more noticeable in older people. Wrinkles arise because people tend to squint to avoid the sun’s glare. Puffiness is another aging symptom like wrinkles. It develops mainly because the muscles around the eyes lose some of their elasticity.

Luke’s range includes 4 types of Hydrogel eye patches.

As the name suggests, Hydrogel is the main ingredient. It serves as a moisturizer along with Vitamin A and E, Aloe Vera, and marine collagen. Chamomile and kelp help to prevent or reduce the effect of aging. The Co-enzyme Q10, which is a potent antioxidant that decreases in the body as the person is reaching his 30’s, and which is responsible for elasticity of the skin, is also included in these eye patches.

There are four variants of Luke Hydrogel eye patches, identified as Red, Purple, Green, and Orange. The red variety has more ingredients that reduce wrinkles, whereas the purple is effective against puffiness. The green variant has more collagen in it for revitalizing and repairing cells. The last variety supplies more vitamins to the eyes and the skin around the eyes.



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