Korean Skin care Brand's review - The Face Shop

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Korean Skin care Brand's review - The Face Shop

Korean Skin care Brand's review - The Face Shop

Korean Skin care Brand's review - The Face Shop

The Face Shop is a brand that you may have not heard of, but that you should definitely try out. They use chia seed and ginseng for their cosmetic products, and it is well known that these herbs are ultimate ingredients for cosmetic care, even if they are not used by everyone.

The Face Shop with their chia seed concentrated lotion will help skin remain firm and elastic, while improved nourishing formula will smoothen it and heal, improving skin tone while at the same time promoting skin cell regeneration. This skin lotion also guarantees firming effect as well as long lasting skin hydration.

Chia seed are incredibly good for your-it is actually fantastic solution for healthy skin appearance! Main characteristic of chia seed is that it has incredibly high amount of essential α-linoleic fatty acid (omega-3), about 60% of entire volume, which makes chia seed one of the richest herbal source of omega-3 in entire herbal world! Oil of chia seed is appropriate for consumption, but its high price and rather short life span (it can be used only one month after opening of bottle) make it a much better choice for skin care, which is a reason why The Face Shop has decided to devote their entire product line to this magnificent ingredient. Oil of chia seed is manufactured through cold pressing process on low temperatures that ensures protection of richness of omega-3 fatty acids. Benefits of chia seed oil for skin is that it helps maintain optimum skin hydration, makes skin soft and smooth and helps rejuvenation if the skin is damaged.

Natural high-quality, cold pressed and non-refined herbal oils used in The Face Shop products have antibacterial effect, protect, nourish and cure, and also balance natural characteristics of skin.

 Natural essences of base oils also have historic value because they have been used for ages before retreating due to modern synthetic cosmetic solutions. No more -The Face Shop makes all-natural cosmetics that will benefit your skin with its natural herbal ingredients.

It is important to underline that all skin types and all skin conditions (dry, sensitive, damaged, mature or normal skin) can benefit from high-quality chia seed.

When you start using The Face Shop products, you will notice that your skin is hydrated and definitely smoother, silky and soft on touch. Every product texture is perfect: rich, silky, and it absorbs quickly. Let's not forget to mention scent of every one of these products: it is long-lasting, beautiful scent that will linger around you for hours! Packaging is beautiful: minimal but still luxury looking, definitely something that ladies adore.

Actually, when you consider all the products in the line (both chia seed and ginseng) you will be pleased with all the elements in every one of them: texture, scent, packaging...everything is appealing and good for your skin. Don't forget to try whitening toner-it has beautiful scent of body cream, which is something that will also make it a great gift for a friend or female family member.


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