Brand Story - Amazing Facial Sheet mask of Mediheal

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Brand Story - Amazing Facial Sheet mask of Mediheal


Facial Sheet mask of Mediheal is the best product for your skin treatment. This product has been especially made for making the skin fresher and healthier. The product helps you to makes your skin look brighter than before while having great fun of wearing stylish mask at the same time as some of their pattern has printed pattern on it such as Mediheal Dress Code series.  The mask has a beautiful appearance that makes your activity a great deal of fun.

Now, skin treats are not boring anymore with these facial sheet masks. These masks are available in different shapes and looks. You can chose your favorite mask for your fun and skin treatment. Size of one mask is around 27ml per piece which is more than enough for one home facial.

There are many facial mask out in the market and Mediheal was named with the concept of including medical aids to heal your skin.  This meaningful name not only made the brand famous, the real healing effect of their masks also spread the words easily by word of mouth.

Main Features for all masks:

  • With natural moisturizing feature due to its ingredient hyaluronic acid, which is Sodium Hyaluronate.
  • Mask provides great amount of nutrients to the skin with highly beneficial results.
  • Masks are produced with high quality extracts that makes the skin brighter and fresher.
  • Beneficial for developing new and fresh skin cells that are healthier than before.
  • Treat skin with natural ingredient that removes dead cells from the skin.
  • The skin becomes appropriately moisturized by using Mediheal product and therefore it becomes soft and smooth.

Directions for those who had never try facial mask before

  • Remove the mask and then trimmed the skin texture as the skin on your face after cleansing it and then attach the sear to fit your face shape.
  • First step is to remove the mask from the paper.
  • Then trim the mask according to the face.
  • Wash your face first and then dry before applying the mask on it.
  • Now, put the mask on your face and let the product work,
  • Now take a break of around 20 minutes and keep the product working on your face.
  • Remove the mask slightly from your face.

Gentle Reminders

  • Products gives effective results when used regularly for four weeks and two times in each week.
  • This one month program is recommended for skincare results.

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