3 Steps Facial Mask Review - Why 3 steps Skin Guardian (6 types)

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3 Steps Facial Mask Review - Why 3 steps Skin Guardian (6 types)

3 Steps Facial Mask Review - Why 3 steps Skin Guardian (6 types)

3 Steps Facial Mask

            Skin18 thank you for this product! My cupboards were literally filled up with numerous containers and bottles of cosmetics that had the smallest effect, but took up a lot of space. This 3 to 1 product is an amazing invention. Washing, moisturizing and firming, all in one package and just on a small corner of my beauty self.

            To begin with, the bubble cleanser is absolutely magical. I opened the container and little bubbles starting forming in the air! No need for water and a perfect solution for cleaning my face from dust and toxic substances everywhere. I do not have to wait till I get home to feel fresh and smell wonderful anymore. I also loved that as a cleanser. It leaves my skin so very, very smooth and moisturized, that I can't stop touching it. It prevents greasiness from forming on my skin too. So effective that I do not carry my oil tissues with me.

            The next product on my package was the Booster ampoule. I usually apply it after I have cleansed my face with bubble cleanser, but I don't dry my face thoroughly. I noticed that if your skin has still some water on it, then this lotion locks the water in your pores and nourishes your skin. After the application of the ampoule it starts blending with the clear skin and lights up the face right away. I can notice a distinctive glow instantly.

            Finally, the application of the mask is easy and quite an enjoyable experience, as it is cool and smells lovely. As every other mask manufactured by this company, it adheres closely to my face and fits perfectly. I am happy that my eyes and nostrils are free of heavy cream masks that dry my skin. Also, I must no longer stay still for half an hour waiting for my mask to dry. I can engage in every activity and even play with my children, while pampering myself for my husband.

            This procedure less than one hour and the results are really rewarding. Relaxed face, rejuvenated and firm. I feel already younger and in fact my small lines have nearly disappeared. Another positive fact is that the product protected me from acquiring any new cracks or wrinkles. I will definitely repurchase the package after it is finished. It will help me fight the persistent wrinkles.

            All in all, this treatment set is lovely. The containers are small and portable, but last for ages. Also, they have a high quality seal mechanism and I am finally feeling safe that my purse will not be ruined by leaky cream. It has a mild, pleasant fragrance, easy application and amazing results. Most of all, you do not need to devote hours and hours to make a positive change for yourself and your skin. You can play with your children and enjoy life, while one product does a great job that equals to applying tons of cosmetics. Just without doing so. Save your time and spoil yourself with a gift. I highly recommend this product.

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