Mediheal IPI Light Max Ampoule Mask: A Soothing experience

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Mediheal IPI Light Max Ampoule Mask: A Soothing experience

Mediheal IPI Light Max Ampoule Mask: A Soothing experience

‘You can’t outrun change, but you can outthink it’. I am a beauty freak and to me beauty begins with the skin .Afresh glowing flawless skin speaks about your beauty and you even don’t need to wear any make –up if your skin is toned and subtle.

I am a SEO friendly soul and routinely, I add skin care, beauty products and tips of skin care in the search engine to get optimized by the latest trend. Last week I paused on a link which is labeling the facial mask trends. Wearing a mask is nothing novel to me as I do apply mask twice weekly and always pick the best brand. Yet, this link is highlighting Korean beauty home facial masks with totally innovative description. I had tried mudding mask, peeling off gels and many more but I have never gone for these ampoule masks. How could be an ampoule turns into a facial cover? But they are providing details on their blog about the benefits and application.

I am new to Korean skin care products and just for a change I chatted on the given site. Their experts tend to satisfy me but I am still ambiguous. Yet I ordered a pack of Mediheal IPI Light Max Ampoule Mask, and as a quick response it was delivered the very next day.

The company claimed that the Mediheal IPI Light Max Ampoule Mask helps in shielding melanin formation which is the main culprit of skin pigmentation. The 25 ml ampoule with a peptide film mask is a light weight pack. I decided to apply the mask in noon as I had to leave for a party in the evening.

It is a soothing experience, after my routine cleansing, I rub my face with my toner. I tear off the pack. Delving into the directions I came to know that the films should be separated and have to be applied on the upper and lower portions of the face respectively. As directed, I lay down on my couch for 20 minutes.

To my satisfaction the sheet mask is formulated by organic ingredients. Vitamin C, being the chief component as I used to know that vitamin C can help rejuvenate skin and cure photo damaged effects. Browsing about Arbutin leads me to the whitening effect of this natural ingredient and Mulbery bark is used in spot removal cream, once my Chinese friend told me.

The last 10 minutes of application were dramatically soothing and I got so tranquil with the speck that I slept.

After about 25 minutes of complete facial therapy, I peel off the film and move ahead with the rest procedures. As I told you it was a really palliative experience, I call my friend to suggest her mask. But when we met at the weekend she complained about the red blotches. I tried to rule out what happens and it revealed that she Is allergic to Mulberry. That why it is crucial to observe the ingredients and precautionary measures before applying any innovative skin care product.

Now I have already tried their one month regimen and my colleagues are calling me Emma Watson!

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Mediheal I.P.I Light Max Ampoule Mask

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