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The First-Hand Review: Beauty Friends II Essence Mask Sheet Pack (Pomegranate)

Beauty Friends II Essence Mask Sheet Pack (Pomegranate)

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I’ve to admit, I was immediately intrigued by this brand appealing name. I said to myself, this is nice “Beauty Friends”, but let’s see what these friends can do for my beauty. This is just, who I really am. When it comes to the cosmetics, I’m helplessly skeptical. Can you really blame me, after so many disappointments? Then, one more thing attracted my attention. This mask comes with the powerful pomegranate essence. Well, I’ve to tell you, I’ve heard so many things about the pomegranate. This is something that ancient Egyptians and Greeks were fully aware about.

This fruit is a true miracle maker not only for your skin, but also for your entire body and overall health. For all of these reasons, I just couldn’t wait to try it first-hand myself. The first pleasant thing that happened to me is an adorable confusion, which took place as soon as I open it. I wondered for a brief moment, should I eat it or put it on my face. That’s how good and pleasant its aroma was. As soon as you put this fabulous mask on your face, you’ll feel like some magical being has put its healing cold hands on your tired face.

Here is more. I was more than pleasantly surprised that this mask can be both heated or cooled, depending on your personal preferences. You can just put in a refrigerator, or use the warm water of no more than 50C to heat it appropriately for no more than 2 to 3 minutes. I’ve decided to go after the cool variant. Oh dear, that was a good thing to do for my tortured face. To tell you the absolute truth, I would rather use this mask for half an hour than sleep the whole night. That’s how good and refreshed I felt.

I couldn’t wait to tell it all to my colleague at work. If you can give me a box full of these Pomegranate Masks I will gladly stay in my office for the whole month, without a single complaint. This may seem like a shameless exaggeration to you. I don’t blame you, but you will blame yourself, if you don’t try it as soon as possible. This is a true freshness-maker, that is ready to be used.

Beauty Friends II Essence Mask Sheet Pack (Pomegranate) - skin18com
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