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L’affair Aqua Ring Mask for Special Moisturizing (Moisture): The Home Dermatologist

Last year, I was at Denver, for a demonstrative lecture on dermatological and anti-aging outrages, when a friend of mine called me for a favor. It was his brother’s wife Lisa, who needs my treatment for her fine wrinkling, gray skin tenor and puffs that she had developed in middle age. She was sure that only surgery could help her out.

After examining her carefully, I explained her that better diet and some skin conditioning would greatly improve her looks. She was so skeptical that she promised me that she would buy me the latest i-phone if my cosmological therapy really works.

The next day, a group of Korean vendors visited my cabin. They are promoting their L’affair Aqua Ring Mask for Special Moisturizing (Moisture) and deliver 50 free samples with ten different extracts for different skin treatment .Our dermatology panel have discussed about the novel Korean skin care products in an informal meeting, but still I have no idea of their worth.

I just took the sample from them, and then an idea hits me suddenly, I text Lisa and make an appointment for the next day. She is eager to meet me that she reached the premises 30 minutes before the set time. I told her about the L’affair Aqua Ring Mask for Special Moisturizing (Moisture). For once it seems that she is not happy with that simple treatment but later she agreed to apply the mask.

I began the beauty session on the spot and ask her to get her face clean .After the cleansing procedure, I stick one facial mask sheet on her face and let her relax for the next 20 minutes. I then massaged her face gently to ensure that the enriched ingredients have absorbed thoroughly.

Once the procedure is completed I gave her the full pack of L’affair Aqua Ring Mask for Special Moisturizing (Moisture). I have applied the Vitamin extract because I want her skin to consume some nutrients first. I gave her a 4 weeks treatment plan with bi weekly application of the L’affair Aqua Ring Mask for Special Moisturizing (Moisture).Once in a week compulsory wrinkle filler extract facial sheet mask application.

The process has nothing to do with dermatology, as I felt like a salon attendant while performing the procedure, but I want to know the result for my sake as I have read literatures on Korean skin care products and their Far-reaching effects.

I think I sheet for $ 1.60 is a very nominal charge for such type of skin treatments. The philosophy behind this miscellaneous extract facial sheet mask is each type has a special job for special skin disorders. Broad natural ingredients include Water, Glycerin, Glycol, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil etc. The home mask Purposes to adjust the pH levels.  A random pH level in skin causes wrinkles, inflammation or acne. PH describe the acid-alkaline ratio of a substance, and for the healthier skin the acidic and alkaline conditions should be neutralized .While moisture is pumped through the hyaluronic acid embossed in the sheet. The decision triumphs as within a month she sends me her latest Facebook DP with a flawless skin.

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