Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel with 8 functions

What is it?

We have come across various reviews that how Aloe Vera can be beneficial to ones skin and also form an important part of Traditional medicinal systems in several countries and many studies are being done to decipher its benefits and further application. In the midst of this we come across this product which contains 92% Aloe Vera by composition and promises to be useful in application on eyes, hair, nails, etc. Let us now go through its various applications to see how it can be possible.

Uses for Aloe Vera Gel

It can be said here that main reason for using Aloe Vera in this gel is its intrinsic property of having a moisturising emollient effect which complements its functions and moisturises the skin and prevent it from becoming dry. It can be used as Home Facial, Relax and body pack as it imparts a soothing feel to our skin as well as tone the skin layers and act on sunburns, cuts, bruises or any other thing as well as used as hair gel to keep them strong and moist and nurture their health. Also it can be used as an After Shave to fight off bacterial infection after shaving your beard and heals any cuts encountered while shaving.

It can be used as eye pack and fend off the darkening patches around your eyes and make you feel much more refreshed and younger. Also it can be used as part of nail polishes or solutions to make your nails softer and prevent any cracks or jagged edges to become a nagging concern. Last but not least is its basic property of a moisturiser which helps it to become part of so many solutions and packs and give an overall relaxing feel and give oneself the rejuvenated look one looks for in so many products but fails to find it in any one.

Should you use it or not?

A very good question which has got a very good answer too. It is, why not? It can be used in so many things to tend to our various body parts that it’s hard to imagine as to what product can deliver these goods in one simple and compact package. We can’t think of anyone and will like to hear if you have any thoughts about it. All said and done one can convince themselves of its various benefits and use it for a while before jumping to any conclusion. After all one doesn’t come across such products promising so many benefits and delivering on the same, is there?


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