The First-Hand Review: Foodaholic Hydrogel Mask Vita Light On

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It turns out that all mask sheets I got through SKIN 18 have this irresistible scent of freshness and appealing seduction. The Foodaholic Hydrogel Mask Vita Light On isn’t an exception in this sense. My little daughter told me that she wants to keep the packages after I use them. I was more than intrigued and confused. I had to ask why. It seems that children reason in an amazingly simple and effective way, literally straight to the point. She’s blown away by the irresistible aroma. Can you blame us, both of us, for becoming dependant on freshness coming out of the eye-catching package?

I put the Foodaholic Hydrogel Mask Vita Light On to the real test. I wanted to see, if it can give me the full 24 hours protection and freshness as promised. I have to admit that vitalization effect is a subjective category. However, when we talk about glowing and brightening, these elements are something for others to judge. To my biggest surprise, I got quite a few questions during the day, what I’ve changed about my appearance and especially about my face. Can a simple face mask make such a huge difference? Obviously it can.

Here’s one more interesting thing about this amazing mask. I closely followed the instructions, in order to maximize the benefits. I was required to keep it almost half an hour on my face. This is a little bit longer than I got used to do with other masks. I asked myself, what could be the reason. I did a little bit of research on the SKIN 18 website. The high concentration of extremely beneficial ingredients in this mask requires deep penetration into the skin, in order to work properly. That’s why it was necessary to apply it a little bit longer than usual.

I’m left speechless by the restored elasticity and softness of my skin. I can only imagine what could be accomplished with hundreds of these affordable masks over the longer period of time. It may sound to you as an exaggeration or an example of shameless marketing, but for me the SKIN 18 Team has discovered the fountain of youth, which you can use on your face. I had this unforgettable feeling that someone was putting the fresh fruit all over my face. I just can’t wait to try it again first-hand.

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