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MISKIN Diaforce Gold & Diamond Hydro-Gel Eye Patch / Mask

Diaforce Is A Girl’s Best Friend:

Every time you combine words and thoughts about gold and diamonds, you just know that you’re going to put a happy smile on a girl’s face. MISKIN Diaforce delivers dual-force with its non-allergic and eco-friendly ingredients. This traditional Korean beauty product has found its quality confirmation with the US FDA certification for the harmless and natural character. This 100% natural water-soluble Mask hydro-gel is conquering the markets with an unprecedented speed and popularity. Japan has witnessed the Diaforce storm, where more than 150,000 boxes were sold in less than three months.

Why’s the MISKIN Diaforce Gold & Diamond more precious than gold and rare as a diamond for you skin:

  • Elimination of wrinkles and dark circles around eyes
  • Improving your eyes patch essence
  • Solving the annoying problem of somber eyes and rim wrinkles

Miraculous Ingredients:

  • Gold – The Colloidal Gold improves your skin elasticity and fabulous glow
  • Diamonds – Nano Diamonds or the special Diamond Carbon Crystals, which penetrate your skin in order to ensure the deep cleansing results
  • Mineral Water – Strongly influences the proper adhesion and moisturizing of your skin
  • Caviar Extracts – Top selection of the most effective Caviar proteins and minerals boosts your skin’s elasticity and provides adequate protection
  • Additional Moisturizing Ingredients – such as Mixed Seaweeds, Green Tea, Aloe, Collagen, and Rose Extracts
  • Pearl Powder – This is an effective natural way to purify your skin, which increases your skin’s moisture rate by at least 60%

The Best Of The Very Best For Your Skin:

MISKIN Diaforce has combined only the best ingredients to ensure the most effective and long lasting results, with the following: diamond crystals, gold particles, pearls, caviar extracts, kelp, green tea, aloe, collagen, and rose extracts. All of these elements are integrated in the unique MISKIN Diaforce Mask in the 100% water environment at the minimum temperature of at least 80C.

Thanks to its proven eco-friendly character, it decomposes completely and with no harmful effects for your skin whatsoever. The essence derived from this complex process, which guarantees the top effectiveness, can be freely applied to your skin areas of both face and body that require additional beneficial moisture. The Japanese are among the greatest fans of this fabulous product, which allows them to repair damaged skin cells thanks to its great cooling and soothing effects. This mask is the best possible thing you can do for your skin in an hour of the greatest need after sun exposure or various cosmetic surgeries or interventions. It’s cooling and relaxing effects makes it to be very popular among men, as well, with no prejudices at all.





MISKIN Diaforce Gold & Diamond Hydro-Gel Eye Patch / Mask

US$48.00 US$60.00

DiaForce (MISKIN)– a famous brand in South Korea, promotes natural, pollution-free skin care. The mask itself is all natural, non-allergic, and eco-friendly.

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