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3-step home facial - Skin Guardian 3 step total facial mask

 This was one of the big GREAT hit of my amazing experience after start using Korean cosmetic, it is really hard to get amazed by mask anymore because I had used so many but I really have to write down and share the detail of this product - 3 steps total facial mask from skin guardian.

It comes with three packages:

(1) O2 Bubble Cleanser
(2) Booster Ampoule
(3) Cellulose Sheet Mask
(1) O2 Bubble Cleanser
First of all, I am very addictive on my own donkey milk bubble cleanser and deny to use its cleanser; but I don't want to waste it by using the rest of them so why not?
The cleanser is really thin and felt like moisturiser when I get it out from the package, once I put it onto my face, the cleaning bubbles comes up immediately and it feels good! I am not a makeup person and I only use BB cream so it cleans up totally after massaging onto my face.
(2) Booster Ampoule
This is the part when I felt amazing, the Booster Ampoule that comes with the package is quiet a lot and I basically place a thick layer on my face to wait for drying.  The miracle happened and it absorbed quickly inside my skin totally without any wind blowing onto my face.  The speed of absorbing is even quicker than alcohol toner, I could feel my skin drinking those Ampoule shortly and it felt great!!
(3) Cellulose Sheet Mask
Liquid inside the mask package is more than enough and the mask can stick onto my face totally. I like the shape of the mask which has perfect holes on the eyes, nose and mouth area for me also.  Liquid smells great for the whole process which has always been one of my requirements on putting mask on my face.  After 20 minutes, those liquid again absorb quickly just like Booster Ampoule. I immediately check my wrinkle like between my eye brows and it has an immediate improvement action!!!
With a reasonable price of us$2.2 on this effect which was amazing.  I strongly recommend this to everyone who has the needs of doing mask!!  And I want to mention one more time - I have been a lazy person for doing mask for the pasted 20 years and thought I did not need it... But after I started using them with all praises from friends on my skin improvements! Please take your step and try then as they are not costly at all and it is now a moment for me to enjoy in life.
Written by Eugenie

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