Product Review - Mirum THE+ 6 System Mask - intensive 30 minutes

Product Review -

Product Review - Mirum THE+ 6 System Mask - intensive 30 minutes

I am pretty new to face mask and i always have doubt on the intensive 30 minutes because i felt like soaking my face in liquid for so long was not a good time and i dislike the stickiness of those essence.  By chance, i bought 20 pieces of this facial mask and decided to write a review on it after my mind change after all. I have a lot of pimples in my forehead from time to time and i choose this product to test on because I wanted to try to see if this can help. After placing the facial mask onto my face, during the mask process, i have a strong feeling of [ skin drinking water ] action as the cotton mask can stick to my face totally without falling off just like the other product of the same brand - “netrogrna hydro boost”. This mask has more moisturize feeling and the a aborting process is a little slow but my pimple seems to have a miracle changes after application!!! I will definitely use it again as I am a pimple person…

As reading from their instruction with best time for use with this mask:

AM: Before applying makeup Skin stays in its best condition, skin that absorbs the nutrition of mask can be a good base for perfect makeup!

PM: Before sleeping time The skin's blood circulation is very rapid which makes the essence contained in this mask to be absorbed instantly. It is a golden time for the use of the mask!

Use at least 2-3 times a week - continue using for 4 weeks for a newborn skin! So i did and now all my pimples are gone with a hydrated skin, i think the main point of doing facial mask is to continue using it instead of just 1-2 times weekly!  I enjoy the texture of this mask and the intensive process!  


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