Try it yourself - Bloggers to Review Skin18's Products

(Updated on June 2020) [Try it yourself] ended.

New Reviewer Program is up [ Skin18 free4blogger Review Program ] please click here to find out more: 

FREE skincare products time for everyone.

Do you want to try Korean skincare products? We will send you one.

Our ladies in the office and overseas writers have been busy on trying all new products and writing down reviews to share to the public after they discovery, it is time for you to test, use and share products with us!

Skin18 is inviting up to 10 bloggers to review different kinds of products from our suppliers, we are running many many promotion with factory so it is the chance to share your point of view. Yes we talk directly to the factory to ensure our product quality is the best!! And we can communicate directly back to them for postive and negative feedback!

Under The Skin of SKIN18: Use It – Try It – Share It


Here’s how to get your FREE skincare products:
  1. Apply by email us at or go to contact us page. Send us your name, email, name and URL of your blog and a short biography.
  2. Agree to review selected products on your blog and skin18 will also link our blog to your site.
  3. Since our bloggers invitation is limited to 10 only at this moment but we will eventually need more in the further, please do submit your form and we will try to run the administration and approval as quick as possible to start postage.
  4. Hiring period from 2015 June - 2016 February 
* We understand that some bloggers DO NOT review everything, so we will communication first! We will send you product description and get your approval before we send any products to you, please kindly do some research and let us know your point of view - communication is the key to success.
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