The story about Skin18 - the beginning

The Story About Us: Skin 18 The Beginning & Business Philosophy

The story about Skin18 has been passed down from generation to generation of our grandmothers and mothers, who were lucky enough to experience first-hand the unparalleled benefits of traditional Asian cosmetics. We were careful listeners of what nature has to tell us about the most efficient solutions for your healthy and youthful appearance. On the other side, we were quick doers when required to find reliable and affordable cosmetic forms you can use daily.

Why Skin18: The Name & Product 

Why Skin 18? As you probably know, our skin is the largest and most important part of our complex body. Through our skin we are communicating with both the world itself and the people around us. It comes without saying how essential it is to ensure that your skin is healthy, beautiful, and appealing. Besides, proper skincare strongly influences your overall health and your self-confidence, as well. For all of these reasons, we asked ourselves a simple question. Wouldn’t it be great to stop the aging process of your skin, and stay around 18?

When we grow older, we become wiser; but the skin will grow older as well. We believe in the dream of keeping the quality of the skin at the age of 18. We are doing our best to make it happen for all of our customers. Skin18 will give you an appearance and a feeling of an 18-year-old girl when it comes to your skin. Can you possibly ask for more?

Getting Under Your Skin 

Our formula is quite a simple one: get it – try it – love it. Skin18 will become your best friend, who can hear and keep as a secret all about your skin’s imperfections and problems. Skin18 is your most trusted ally in a fierce fight against time, which often seems like a lost cause. We work on your skin, but our profound impact ends up deep under your skin. The positive feedback you get from the people around you encourages your appearance, feeds your hearts with positive energy, and transforms you into a self-confident adorable woman. 

Each of our products aims to deliver you a formula that embodies two of our main criteria: to be timeless and flawless. The story about Skin18 will continue with its mission of encouragement and life-changing inspiration. It is time for you to pass it down to your daughters and granddaughters.

We are a team of ladies who enjoy reading articles and news about skincare and spending time for the best of our skin. All products we recommended are used and tested before posting them onto the page. Our team proves a significant result after applying Korea Cosmetic, and we would like the world to know more about this! Our team will read articles from time to time, and collect useful ones at our blog, feel free to come and read our blogs from time to time. Korean Cosmetic is such a BIG HIT to the world with a reasonable selling price, which is a MUST to try.
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