Skin18 Featured in [ ] Black Mask & co: the 4 most popular masks for face from celebs

Black Mask & co: the 4 most popular masks for face from celebs

How much time you spend to apply make-up? I do a lot, I admit. It is not a matter of pedantry, but also because my skin pimples and spots that I have to cover.

Author: Julia - January 24, 2017

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♥ Hello Girls! ♥

As you spend time to apply make-up? I so much, I admit. It is not just a matter of pedantry, but also because my skin pimples and spots that I have to cover.

What is helping me a lot are the face masks , normal ones and the ones that define 3.0 , ie the new trend and new technology!

Ready to have a smoother skin and more and spend less time in front of the mirror?

Read on ...

# 1 Black Mask


Brand Bestsellers: LuckyFine (Amazon, 6.99 euro), Pil'Aten, and Savage Accessories

Do not worry about the color, but innamoratevene for its effects. This is a peel-off mask for blacks points, which will avoid redness and spots after removing do-it-yourself. What does peel-off? Simply that when dry, the mask takes off like a film, "holding on" all blacks and removing them points without much effort.

The color is due to coal, containing many useful minerals to the skin.

Directions for use:

You can apply all over your face, but I recommend that you select only the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) because the removal may redden some more delicate parts of the face.

# 2 Sheet Mask

These are special masks, apply through a "sheet" on the face. They are held for about 15, 20 min and then are removed with extreme ease.


What makes it unique is the fact these masks to be for everyone (you can find for every need) and applicable even daily, because very enriching and not at all invasive (like the classic clay masks or do-it-yourself).

Very famous are those Korean: once you try it you will no longer live without. Those signed Skin18 , for example, are designed especially masks to "hold" on the sheet many nutrients and give the ability to absorb all of the skin. And what about the packaging? In style kawaii *. * Love it!


Directions for use:

Make sure you have thoroughly washed your face before applying these masks, otherwise they will not have much effect!


# 3 Sephora mask

Sephora has inspired so much to korean mask, conceiving of different and eye-catching, not only in color but also for their effects.


# 4 Mask areas

Another very useful practice is to apply different types of masks in precise areas of the face. L'Oréal has created three, with three different clays that will enhance greatly your skin.


It cleans deeply and opaque: excellent for the T-zone and for combination / oily skin.


For exfoliation, as a light scrub, also it tightens pores and then ... goodbye blacks points! The entire face can benefit!


Coal is a prized ingredient waaay to our skin and the entire face. With more attention to the forehead and cheekbones will give you even more brightness!


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