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Top the masks! The fabric mask is the beauty buzz come straight from Korea


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Top the masks!
The fabric mask is the beauty buzz come straight from Korea, where women have developed the most sophisticated beauty rituals. Playful, practical it is especially dreadfully effective to make a new skin in ten minutes chrono.

What's this ?

A disposable cotton mask impregnated with care; Which is placed on the skin and left to act for a few minutes. More concentrated and above all better diffused thanks to the fabric, it is an asset bomb which can, according to our needs, firm, illuminate, smooth or rehydrate deeply. In ten minutes you get a perfect look.

With us, it's a little extra added to our routine, once or twice a week, but over there, it's a daily necessity. No fewer than eight (and often more) daily steps are required for the beauty of the Korean woman who would never commit heresy to go out with a single layer of day cream under her foundation.

Why do we love them?

Because it is playful, easy to use and that the single use side allows to zap between the multiple formulas and to meet different needs without having to spend each time the price of a tube. Also because one can find all sorts of variants and have fun. There are a multitude of them: some are even designed to target an area of ​​the face, so we can make a patchwork of masks: anti-wrinkles around the eyes, plumping on the mouth, smoothing on the cheekbones ...

How it works ?

Packaged individually, each preformed mask has openings for the nose and eyes. It unfolds and settles on the face, one then imposes the palms on the mask to make penetrate the assets by small pressures. Then we relax! Ideally, we spare ten to fifteen minutes of tranquility to let the product act: we take advantage of a bath, a rainy Sunday ... Finally, we mass the excess for a 100% relaxing effect.

A tip?

By passing it a few seconds in the microwave oven, the hot mask expands the pores of the skin, favoring the absorption of the product. Conversely, by keeping a mask in the fridge, it will multiply its decongestant effect ...

Which ones to choose?

The trend is raging, you will find more and more perfume and even parapharmacy, but for the most curious, it is online that shopping is the most exciting!  : One of the available sites. Your masks are sent from Hong Kong, but the delivery is fast and they offer packs at good prices.  : A gel masks and selection masks to 1 € for launch.

A man's world

Ricky Martin, Chris Pratt or even Cristiano Ronaldo spotted on instagram in cloth mask mode, proud to take care of their skin: it is nevertheless necessary to convince themselves that the trend is not reserved for women. The metrosexual quickly understood the benefits of the mask and he seized it to get a refreshed complexion, a smoothed look or even soothe the razor's fire. Yes, as soon as you propose a treatment to a man, it does everything, absolutely: it hydrates, energizes, soothes and smooth in 15 minutes chrono, it promises us even to soothe the effects of the jet-lag, just that ... Especially since the (too few) makes of cloth masks that target men also offer half-masks in patches, to put on a part of the face, for a more focused care. A practical aspect that will convince the most skeptical.

Our selection: Starskin, Leading Man, 9,95 €.

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