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"I tried the horse's mane oil on your face and the result has been phenomenal"

It's called Horse Oil-Complex: a mask 100% Korean-beauty, 100% cruelty free.

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"Take a horse, full, and put into the extractor, possibly alive, and cut the horse oil, an ingredient essential to the skin's youthfulness of your face! Obviously JOKE , not allarmino animal rights and vegan, this mask is completely cruelty free . The only part of the horse that contains as an ingredient is the fat of the mane . " Alessandra Angeli, lighted makeup artist, experimenter serial of innovative formulations and Korean-beauty addicted ( "I'm a fan since 2009, long before the rest of the beauty world would notice"), he shared a post on his Instagram profile the its hydration experience "equine" aware that I can trigger skepticism / wrath of the most radical fringe of the vegan world.
But equally convinced of the total alienation of the product to any barbarity against the horses . "I have a friend who works for a distribution site of Korean beauty products called Skin18 . You, as a beauty-guru, suggests to me / provides the latest news in terms of skincare . And she did it this time with Horse Oil-Complex , a mask made from a horse's mane extract oil without which no horse is tortured in any way. It's guaranteed. And then I like to imagine many small Korean girlie with utmost love that they use small combs with which the fat derived from the beautiful horses' manes. Animals that I love, by the way. "
How does the base of the horse's mane oil mask?
It is a three-phase mask, which includes: Facial Foaming & Soft Peeling a mix of pure and very light exfoliation hydration; Intensive Care Mask and finally Anti-Aging Night Cream , a night cream with a light texture and pleasant.
The results after the first application ...
I would say excellent. The skin is instantly brighter and more compact.
To whom would you recommend?
Women who do not have special skin problems. It is perfect for mixed and very dry skin, mixed and mature, on incarnated stressed by smog and severe weather conditions. Hello old!
Ps: just over three dollars costs.
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