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The best masks Korean fabric -- What they are and why they like them so much to Italian.

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Korean masks were famous in Italy even before crossing the floor of the peninsula, about the fame that went before, and we had made a long wait and idealize.

All we need is the very idea of skincare to associate the white and clean face of Asian , emblem of the care (or obsession, if you prefer) of the skin, which seems even use, every day, for their beauty at least 15 different cosmetics. It can do is follow the example and remember when the thought of struccarci becomes an insurmountable burden!

We start from the premise: Korean face masks are neither natural, much less EcoBio, however rich in active ingredients placed high on the list dell'Inci, ready to ensure effectiveness. What is the secret of this success? First of all convenience.

Korean masks are preformed fabric soaked in serum, single-dose, hygienic, fast, with well balanced content. Not less attractive price , modest, ranging between 2 and 5 euro, in addition to the convenient multi-pack , often offered in promo (there are of course also expensive lines).

What it makes them irresistible the immediate effect of firmness and freshness that give the skin, very good reason to make them on occasion, before an event, or an important appointment. Adorable finally the packaging proposed, in the form of funny animals or fruit.

The top 10 choices by the editors

Tony Moly - Avocado Mask Sheet Nutrition- nourishing avocado mask.
A hydration panacea, based on natural oils and avocados , by nourishing notes, the perfect ally for the winter season, the dry and dehydrated skin.

Tony Moly - Tea Tree Skin Soothing Mask sheet - soothing mask Tea tree oil.
The antibacterial and purifying properties of tea tree oil , combined with moisturizing agents to purify, soothe and calm along the facial skin.

Tony Moly - Broccoli Mask Sheet Vitality - revitalizing mask to broccoli.
A concentrate of antioxidants , perfect for more mature skin or simply tired, in this revitalizing mask to broccoli , enriched with pomegranate extracts to give elasticity to the skin.

Tony Moly Red Wine Mask Sheet Pore Care - astringent mask with red wine.
Wine to purify? From the magical East too! Ideal for oily skin, suffering from enlarged pores, purifies and minimizes pores.

Dr Jart + water replenishment cotton sheet mask -
In America Dr. Jart is very famous, and that one of the face masks that ricomprerete over and over again. Perfect for the winter intensely nourishes the skin and, as promised, will fill of water with a bath of hydration.

Skin 18 - Potato Skins Natural Essence Mask
From Korea does not cease to amaze us with the incredible resources of nature.  A natural extract of potatoes with a strong soothing power, moisturizing, relaxes and soothes the skin.

Skin 18 - Aloe Soothing Mask Waterful Oasis
A soaked mask of essence natural aloe , known for its moisturizing and soothing properties, in addition to feeding has a balancing effect, by controlling the secretion of sebum.

Skin 18 - Holika Holika ampoule aqua average 3D mask
A mask based on water of Alaskan glaciers, hyaluronic acid, betaine and panthenol that promises a deep moisturizing and nourishing action, along with extract of soybean by the known antioxidant power.

Compared to the other Holika Holika line, more and Skins 18, has an edge: the wings to extend the neck mask and take care of such an important area but often neglect and betrayal of our real age.

Nature republic - green tea
A fabric mask with natural extracts of green tea , the antioxidant, glycerin and hyaluronic acid.  It moisturizes the skin and at the same time increases the ability to retain moisture, for a softer to the touch and radiant skin.

Skin-18 - Cracare anti-aging snail repairing step 3 mask (skin firming lightenining)
Not just a mask but a real beauty treatment 3-step .

In one envelope they contain three products based on snail drool to firm and moisturize the skin deep giving a lifting effect.

Step 1: Apply the product on the appropriate area of ​​the eyes and lips
Step 2: Apply the mask fabric leaving it to act on your face for 20-30 minutes
Step 3: Apply the product again around the eyes and lips.

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