(Press Release) Skin18 Offers Latest Korean Skincare Tips with a Horde of Skin Care Products

Skin18.com, a Korean skincare and beauty tips shop, now provides pithy Korean beauty tips which are largely unknown to the rest of the world.  Skin18 offers thousands of skin care products, also offers tidbits of Korean skincare for their online customers, most of who are based in the West.

Immediate Releas, 15th December 2016

Skin18.com, an online shop that offers thousands of skin care products, now also offers tidbits of Korean skincare for their online customers, most of who are based in the West. As Korean skincare techniques and therapies, and oriental skin and beauty tricks as a whole, are largely unknown to the western world, the online shop has now taken this initiative to educate their customers based in the USA and Europe. The owners believe that this small initiative would help their patrons and general visitors to stay apace with the latest trends in the Korean fashion and beauty industry by simply visiting https://skin18.com/pages/blog18.

Besides doling out daily fashion and beauty tips that were previously only known to the natives of the Far East country, the online store now also offers thousand different types of skin care products with free worldwide shipping. The owners of the online store actually want to strike a blend between products and related tips so that their online buyers can take informed decisions at the time of buying their products from https://skin18.com/collections/freebies. In addition to that, the online store now also disseminates Korean beauty tips and tricks for their online buyers and followers who want to stay abreast of the latest Korean beauty tricks.

At present, Skin18.com rolls out skin care news, explainer videos on variety of skin care topics, sheet masks, natural ingredients that have been in use in Korea for centuries, Korean skin care tips and blogger reviews twice a week. Customers of the website can also subscribe to the newsletters to stay updated about Korean skin care and beauty secrets which were never revealed to the outer world before this.

To make shopping a more enjoyable and fun-filled experience for their online shoppers, the online store now also offers more than hundred full sized freebies for the customers to choose from. Customers can get these freebies by just paying a small shipping fee and nothing more. Whether or not they opt for Skin18.com products or freebies at https://skin18.com/collections/freebies, they can continue to read the free skin care and beauty tips that are shared by top Korean beauty experts.

About the Company Skin18.com is an online store that sells Korean skin care products. To know more, visit https://skin18.com/


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