If your package is stuck at customs, please contact customs in your country.

 International online shopping is fun as it opens our shopper experience by purchasing an item from another country without traveling. However, if the international purchased package (shipment) is stuck at Customs, this harmony experience will be damaged.

So what should we do when the package is held at customs?

  1. Contact the seller to make sure important documentation such as declaration form was filled and prepared.
  2. Contact the courier company to make sure they can monitor the process, express shippers such as FedEx or DHL usually take care of the customs clearance process.
  3. Check out the taxation policy in your country to ensure the package does not have any outstanding taxes.

International shopping is the trend, and millions of international shipments are happening every day. Yet, what happens after the purchase? Does "purchase" subject to Customs obligations? Internet electronic transactions are not subject to tax obligations or expenses, but shipping the physical item bought online from another country are.

How do we avoid package stuck at customs?

Choose a trustable shipping carrier - Making the right choice on shipping carrier is an important key to avoid this.  It is indeed more expensive to ship internationally with express shippers but the price also include the service on clearing the customs for you. Here are some reliable international carries includes DHL, FedEx, UPS, Royal Mail or USPS.

Purchase insurance for the package - Do not rely on the free shipping and pay US$10 extra for the insurance, this can secure the purchased item.  The insurance cost of some packages can be as low as US$2.



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