Giveaway: 🌟 2020 Round 8 (out of 10 rounds)

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🌟 Summer Round 8 (out of 10 rounds) How?

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Giveaway: 🌟 2020 Round 8 (out of 10 rounds)

Giveaway: 🌟 2020 Round 8 (out of 10 rounds)

Giveaway: 🌟 2020 Round 8 (out of 10 rounds)

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  2. imsurbhi

    Post #1 (out of 3) -


        1.Peppermint choco brownies
        2.Peppermint moctails.
        3. Peppermint in ice-cream.
        4. Peppermint oil in lips balm, In diffuser, in bath, in shampoo, in hair oil, in makeup products,in scrubs and creams etc
        5. Peppermint in tea for detox.

        Ohh my god I also have a few ideas about the dishes out of peppermint vitality essential oil -
        💚 Peppermint herbal tea
        💚 Peppermint homemade chocolate
        💚 Peppermint cookies
        Hoping to win this lovely giveaway

        Peppermint hot chocolate/ and brownies!


        Peppermint hot chocolate. Peppermint Brownie

        Thanks to the sample I received 😍 I make lemon and peppermint tea , it can be diffused and be used as mouth freshener , cool peppermint toner , air freshener or you can just boil the water and add drops to take steam when you get cold


        This such an awesome giveaway @skin18com I would use peppermint vitality essential oil in making:
        💚 Peppermint smoked rice
        💚 Peppermint sponge cake
        💚 Peppeemint flavoured paan (speciality in Banaras, India)
        💚 Peppermint mojito
        💚 Peppermint brownie
        💚 Peppermint ice tea (to refresh my summer mornings)
        💚 Peppermint custard
        💚 Peppermint and veggie salad
        💚 Nachos dressing with peppermint flavoured salsa. All these will be so good for all timess

        Peppermint vitality oil goes well with spicy potato salads... Peppermint tomato pasta... Peppermint mouth refreshing paan.. Peppermint nachos.. Peppermint chocolate brownie.. Peppermint cheese cake.. Peppermint cheese potato bites

        @skin18com Peppermint Tea & Peppermint Cupcakes 😍 

        Peppermint can be mixed with a lot of things and they are refreshing. Like peppermint patties, they are so delicious and peppermint layered fudge💖

          Post #3 (out of 3) -

          The dishes that I would like to make out of Peppermint Vitality Essential oil are :-
          💚 Peppermint flavoured macarons
          💚 Peppermint and honey morning drink
          💚 Peppermint and lemon potato wedges
          💚 Peppermint flavoured chicken nuggets
          This is such an amazing giveaway

          Peppermint cookies! peppermint candy. 🥰

          Lovely @skin18com peppermint chocolate , peppermint with flavoured Juice ,peppermint with cake 
          Peppermint candy bowl, peppermint ribbon cake, peppermint chocolate cookies, mint chutney, pudhina rice, peppermint grilled chicken, peppermint Popsicle, peppermint dark chocolate, peppermint detox drink
          Peppermint brownies and peppermint cocoa!
            Peppermint chocolate chip ice cream, peppermint and white chocolate
            Peppermint candy cane cookies, peppermint chocolates, hot cocoa with peppermint, homemade peppermint icecream, tea with peppermint.
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