Giveaway: 🌟 2020 Round 6 (out of 10 rounds)

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🌟 Summer Round 6 (out of 10 rounds) How?

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💭 Gifts: Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier (29.5ml) x 2 and (3ml dilution x6) Rainbow Dreamland + Awakening the Mind + Sweet Dreams + Quiet Night with Peace + Reboot the Brain + Pleasant Dreams
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 Giveaway: 🌟 2020 Round 6 (out of 10 rounds)

Giveaway: 🌟 2020 Round 6 (out of 10 rounds)

Giveaway: 🌟 2020 Round 6 (out of 10 rounds)

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    Post #1 (out of 3) -

    Shall I participate again because I'm in love with your essential oils 😍😍when I go to your page I love the "sleeping beauty " dilution first as it can be mixed with cream ,serums and good for skin 🙌🙌

    But my second choice is "rainbow dreamland" ..... Rainbow is just beautiful 💕 an arch of visible colors in sky .  It has a meaning of hope, sunshine, joy, and happiness .  the "rainbow dreamland" dilution contains 🙌🙌🙌
    Helichrysum flower which essential oils can help with smoothing fine lines and uneven skin tone. 
    Ylang Ylang is effective in supporting the cardiovascular system, best to calm the nervous system as well. 
    Cypress's main benefit is the use to relieve muscle pain, relieving process is one of its key function.

    I love rainbow dreamland and love its benefits 💟💟💖 love the fact how it will be essential for smoothing fine lines and uneven skin tone 🙌🙌🙌and effectively the ingredients in this essential oil are the best ❤️ ylang ylang ,cypress's and helichrysum flower is just so effective and this essential oil is must 🙌🙌🙌 

    Sweet dreams... Lavender, marjoram and stress away is a unique blended to me for my sleeping problem😊😊 promote my relaxation and happiness.... @poponkomala_ @vhy_9 🌻

    Sweet Dreams is specific for relaxing your child's mind so there are no more bad dreams or night monsters. Apply topically to your child's chest or back of neck about 30 minutes before bedtime at a 2-4% dilution using your favorite carrier oil.

    Post #2 (out of 3) -


    Ancient egyptians, for example, used essential oils, also known as aromatic oils, in cosmetics, perfume, incense, and mummification processes. Direct inhalation should always be your first use of an oil to see how it affects you, which means sniffing the aroma from an open bottle of oil.


    Calming for Bedtime
    * it is also very important to get enough sleep, relax the body and mind.


    Love to add 2nd bundle to uplift my body n soul, as I know the power of essential oils , they boost instantly n gives us cool calming results, skin also feel so refresh

    Post #2 (out of 3) -

    The quiet nights blend seems to be a diffuser blend to promote tranquil sleep and a deep rest!!

    Reboot the brain :)


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