Expiration Date Issue

It is VERY IMPORTANT to pay attention to the expiration date before you put anything on your face, just like how important it is to check expiration date for any kind of food you eat.  This was educated from my mother, family, friends and the public since i was little.   After years of following this rules, I had a second thought – how do production factory determine what is the expiration date? And what will happen if I really eat food after the expiration date? Will I get sick?

This even became a bigger question marks when the “McDonald China Factory using expired food” news came up on year 2014.  This was a big shocking news in Hong Kong and many people denied to go to McDonald during the time.  Everyone spread the news on how McDonald has been selling TRASH food, which was well-known for years honestly.  After 2 years, everyone goes back to McDonald and keep eating their food.  Here are some links regarding the news discussed back in 2 years ago:

Sometime I also hear horrible news such as food production factories put poison or chemical to food to make them look colorful and fresh even after they expired.  In fact, old food with bad smell can always be covered up with additional ingredient such as spices or any kind of flavors.  Those kind of situations are honestly unavoidable even though it is a threat to our life, in my opinion, it is all about luck.

For food, it might be easier to find out if they are bad or not because it can be told by its smell or you will get a diarrhea (worse case food poison) if expired food enter your stomach.  How about skin care?  Since I purchased a lot of skin care products for a long time already and the solution I had was to carry a precautionary principle on all skin care products I use.

Regarding the big puzzle in mind, i consulted many factory professionals on “using expired products”.  First we have to learn the Korean character on two types:

  • 제조일자: Manufacture date / Production date – this means the date when product was manufactured/made/created in the factory
  • 사용기한: Expiry date / Expiration date / Best before – as simple as it stated, use the product BEFORE this date.

Second is a table as a guideline in general (all factories might set their expiration date in a different ways)


What if someone used expired items?   I did, lol.  This is a very good questions and here is an answer to it.  Do not get panic if you did, those expired products will not give you allergy supposedly for sure but their “function” will gradually decrease as time passed by.  This means the nutrition pumping might not function as the way it supposed to be, that’s all.

This also depends on how long has products expired?   if they expired for more than 9 months, please trash them without even thinking about it.  Factory usually set the “safe time” from 6 months to 9 months, meaning if you use a product that is 6-9 months after they expired, they should be ok – again only personal opinion.

Today when we had our weekly meeting, we found an unhappy customer who purchased at Skin18 and i really want to talk about this case and try to explain as it seems that she is very angry and upset about the misunderstanding.

Here is a picture from customer on the left with a bright light trying to focus but failed, it made customer truly believed that the expiration date was in year 2015 instead of 2016 and it is indeed very confusing.  There is another a picture on the right showing the year 2016.12.22 clearly with the correct light reflection showing the date.  There are absolutely no “photoshop” editing effect on those two photos and they are both showing the exact same unique worldwide bar code number 8809242199266 which means they are from the same factory and production time.


In conclusion, I do suggest everyone pay more attention to the expiration date but again they will not kill your skin.  Take it easy and do not stock up your skin care shelf and buy only little from time to time. 

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