Skin18 Is All Ears To Listen Their Valued Customers!

We want to keep changing for improvement, please email us or leave us comments on this page for a better skin18!!

If you have gone through our About Skin18 page, you must be aware that our mission is caring for natural skincare/healthcare rather than focusing on chemical products and applications. Indeed, we are SKIN18 who purpose for refurbishing your skin, the most exhibited organ of your body. Besides, we care for not only ladies but men as well.

Once you learn how to use essential oils products correctly, which serve nourishment or glow to a healthy life, you can easily handle every skin/health problem, and you can reap both beauty and glow rewards.

SKIN18 is very particular in selecting the highest quality of essential oil/natural products. It has always been the practice of Skin18 since 2015 to invite bloggers, users, customers, and reporters to jot down reviews with testing products offered by Skin18 to extract the best services.

We believe that listening to customers is the right direction to pledge on crafting a product or service that they need. Customer feedback is primarily applied throughout the product growth process to confirm that the end product is valuable for a customer.

Customer feedback surveys help us analyze customer satisfaction. We send email newsletters email, via our website or mobile app. We have a rating-based questionnaire to scrutinize when you measure customer satisfaction and mark the level of how happy (or unhappy) our customers are with us.

From 2014 - 2019, Skin18 focused on Korean beauty skincare, after 4 years of being a natural skincare user, our founder decided a significant change to concentrate on wellness.  In the year 2020, Skin18 started to develop our aromatherapy methods, D.I.Y recipes list, with essential oils and organic natural material. 

We understand that each individual reacts differently on different products; high-quality essential oils might carry an intense detoxification process that is not suitable to everyone. Detoxification is a physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism (human).

Modernization and civilization changed our lives; it provides a convenient lifestyle and causes various kinds of pollutions (air, water, land, etc). Pollutions gradually erose the human's body; when our bodies got used to the existing toxic environment, the detoxification process will be hard to execute.

Therefore, it is a humble request for our customer to give us their precious responses for every product they have bought from Skin18.  With your opinion and suggestions, we will improve. 

When an individual changes the environment, then the weather and other environmental parameters will alter the product you are using at your previous destination.  So if you are traveling somewhere for a longer duration or you have moved abroad, please let us know about any change you experience in the usage of Skin18 products. We are all ears to listen and respond to you.

We are anxiously waiting for your valuable response. it helps us in the following ways:

  • To maintain highest-quality skincare/healthcare natural product
  • To develop useful D.I.Y recipes or aromatherapy methods for others
  • To improve the existing natural product
  • To eliminate any irritating ingredient from the current product
  • To analog the product according to a particular skin type or environment
  • And last but not least, to upgrade skin18 services for their esteemed clients.

Please feel free to link with skin18 and share your views on essential oils with us.


Dawn Kiser @Receiptful Order June 18, 2016

Very friendly and fast shipping!

Valentina Cosciani @ Skin18 Order June 18, 2016

Many gifts!

Gin July 01, 2016

Hey I love the new design and it is so much better than the one before, very user friendly and easy to shop and read post. I am now in love with this shop, korea skin care and being a blogger *I am new

Catina July 10, 2016

Hi, I love the way the new page layout looks. My suggestion is, to relocate the popup that alerts us of other purchases. It blocks the search box, the shopping cart, and the currency. It’s annoying to wait until it goes away before I can access, what it’s blocking.

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