What is clean eating?

Clean eating isn’t just the latest diet craze.  It’s a lifestyle.  With clean eating you are only putting wholesome, all-natural ingredients into your body.  By doing so you are improving your health and overall well-being.

So, what are the basics of clean eating?

Eat Real Foods.  This sounds easy but what is really real food?  Real foods are items that have no or minimal processing, no processed sugars, no artificial/chemical enhancers.   In simple terms that means no refined foods like snack cakes, candies, junk food, and fast food.  With that being said you’re probably thinking what CAN I eat, well there are many ways to go about this.  When I say no fast food, I’m referring to burger chains but there are actually many convenient foods that are OK, such as packaged salads, can tuna, and veggie wraps.  Just be sure that what’s in the package is real food with fewer ingredients. 

Eat for your nourishment and health.  Eat balanced meals at regular times and if snack cravings come, make good choices that are nourishing.  Don’t rush your meals, take your time.  Eat-in the comfort of your home with family or friends when possible. Pack food to eat when you or go to work or other activities.  If you eat out, make wise food choices and pre-eat at home so you eat less while out.

What is clean eating?

Plant-based foods are your new BFF.  I can’t say this enough, load up on greens and plant-based proteins.  High-protein grains, like teff, quinoa, and buckwheat and legumes like lentils and peas. 

Tidy up your body.  Start living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.  Sleep more, exercise more, stay active throughout the day, talk to people, laugh, share meals, relax and unwind with a hot bath, and diffuse some essential oils. 


Live your life.  Nourish your body.   Glow from within.



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