Eating with Essential Oils 101

Essential Oils are finally making their way to your plate.   But how can you incorporate them into your cooking?

Its long over-do that essential oils are as useful in cooking as they are for skincare and diffusing.

When you process the natural oils found in plants in a specific way into concentrated essences you get essential oils.   Yet there are different grades of essential oils.

First, you will need to get a hold of food-grade essential oils, like Young Livings Vitality TM collection.   Young Livings Vitality TM are dietary essential oils, they are pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils that are perfect for adding flavor to your favorite dishes.  Young Living Vitality TM oils can also be used as dietary supplements.  They come in four categories:  Herb, Spice, Citrus, and Supplement.

Often many essential oils found in shops are used for aromatherapy or even bath and body usage which means they are not safe to consume.   Always make sure that the essential oils you use are safe for cooking.  

Use Essential Oil to replace ingredients

Essential Oils are extremely useful for when you need an ingredient like basil for your tomato sauce and you realize you’ve run out.  No worries if you have Young Living Vitality TM Basil Oil, just add 1-2 drops to your sauce and you’ll never know there was no basil in the house.

Use Essential Oil instead of artificial flavor substitutes

If your recipe requires a mix of citrus flavors and you don’t want to buy lemons, grapefruits, lime, and oranges and you don’t want to use artificial flavoring then just use a few drop of YL Vitality Citrus Fresh Oil.

 Remember YL essential oils are concentrated so using only a drop or two will be enough. 

Give your dishes a flavor ‘kick’

Essential oils are ideal when you want to give your meals a ‘kick’.  If you are making cinnamon orange muffins, then adding a couple drops of YL orange Vitality oil to do the trick.  Also, if you want to have a relaxing cup of tea, try adding a drop of YL Lavender Vitality Oil to Chamomile. 

Cooking with Essential Oils

Always remember that essential oils are strong in flavor, so a few drops is equal to a teaspoon of some extracts. 

When should you add essential oils when cooking?

You should always remember to add them near the end of your cooking to keep the most flavor.   If you can’t add them at the end then you can add an extra drop or two.

Also, some oils like YL Cinnamon and Clove Vitality are very bold in taste so remember to add a little at a time by removing they dropper lid and lightly dipping the end of a spoon in and stirring into your recipe. You don’t want to overpower your dish.

With these tips in hand, you can now begin your journey into Eating with Essential Oils.


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