Clean Eating for Beginners Guidelines

How can you begin clean eating?  Well, it’s probably something you’ve been doing without knowing it.   If you have been making healthy choices of what to put in your body, then you are well on your way to clean eating.

Clean eating gives you a sense of accomplishment by choosing what you put into your body, making you more healthy and powerful.  Once you understand the basics of eating clean it's super easy to do. 

The key to understanding clean eating is that it’s a lifestyle, not just a diet.   It’s an approach as to how you chose what to put in your body.  By choosing whole foods, avoiding processed foods, and by being conscientious of your choices of food.   You can remove ‘bad’ fats, sugars, and carbs from your diet.  Make the choice to not put junk, such as processed foods, artificial flavors and sugars, salty and high saturated fats, refined food, and those that are just ‘empty calories’ in your body.

With each clean eating meal, you will find yourself healthier and happier.   You will have less craving for ‘junk food’. 

All sound great?  So, let see how to begin our cleaning eating journey with the following guidelines.  


Cook you own food

The easiest way to control what goes into your body is to cook your own food.   By doing so you have control over flavors, sugars, salts, and fats. That being said it doesn’t mean you have to skip out on flavors and taste.  There are many herbs and flavorings you can add and still eat clean.  For example, Young Living’s Vitality Oils. 


Clean Eating for Beginners Guidelines

Eat Whole Foods

Whole foods are those that haven’t been processed by machines or in a lab or manufacturing plant, therefore they have no added sugars, preservatives, colors, fats, or salts.  They have more nutrients and fiber.  These foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nuts & seed, some dairy products, and legumes.


Read Nutrition Label

This is something I only started to do when I began my eating clean journey.   You need to read all the nutrition labels since they will tell you everything you need to know about the food you may eat.  The key is to look for labels with few ingredients, and ask yourself, “Is that something I can put into my body?” or “Do I even know what that is?”.  If not, then put the item back down.  Look for labels that say, ‘whole grains’ or ‘whole wheat’ and keep sodium levels down. 


Avoid Processed Foods

These foods usually come in a box or jar.    They are usually high in added sugars, salt, flavoring, low in fiber and whole grain, and high in bad fats, like trans fats and saturated fats.  These include snack foods, candy, cookies, pre-packaged meals, cereals, canned soups, instant noodles, and flavored anything.

 Clean Eating for Beginners Guidelines

Limit Fat, Salt, and Sugar

Avoid all unnecessary additives, like fat, salt, and sugar.  Your sugars should come from fresh fruits.  Once you have been eating clean for a period of time your taste buds will return to their natural state so you can taste all the freshness and natural flavors without additives.


Eat Balanced Meals

You need to eat the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats for your body to function properly.  You should be mindful of the portions who what you are putting in your body.  Your carbs can come from broccoli which also provides fiber.  Your fats should come from unsaturated fats.


Eat Small Meals

You can eat 5-6 meals a day.  The typical clean diet often includes three main meals and 2-3 snacks a day.  This way you can prevent over-eating, skipping meals, and low blood sugars.  And it may help you lose weight.


Drink Water

Drinking water should be the number one thing you drink all day.  The more you drink the thirstier you are.  Water will keep you hydrated and allow for good body function.  It will keep you from getting hungry.  If your craving a soft drink, stick to fruit juice which has more nutrients than soda.


Start slow, try one guideline at a time, and if you fail try again.  Once you master one then move on to another. Ease into your new lifestyle of eating clean. 


Live your life.  Nourish your body.   Glow from within.


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