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Skin18 Mobile Apps Updated

mobile apps updated

Skin18 Mobile Apps was launched 1.5+ years ago and we are happy to share that we already received thousands of download from our shoppers and readers.  Thank you very much for all readers/customers/bloggers/writers supports to make this dream come true.

In order to follow Skin18's concept - keep on improving for better; our technical and design team worked very hard lately for a smoother, faster, easier to use and more convenient apps platform.  Shopping / Reading experience can now be much easier/better than before.

* Skin18 Apps on both platform is absolutely free to download.

[ Download links for Apps on different platform ]

[ What can you do on the apps ]

  • GET FREEBIES: get your Skin18 freebies easily on the apps, check out just like how you do on the computer.
  • SHOP: All products are synchronize real time from Skin18 website to the apps's feed, you can view most updated products just like how to read from a browser.  Check out steps are also as easy as the Skin18 website.
  • READ UPDATED SKINCARE TIPS: Need more information for caring your skin? Since Skin18 launched, our writers/bloggers/designer update skin care tips post instantly on 3-5 times/week schedule.  You can read things about skin types, troubles skin, what products should you use, korean brand's stories, special ingredients, things about sheet mask, etc.  All feeds are synchronize real time from Skin18 website to the apps.  ** Only latest 30 articles will be synchronized, if you want to read our articles from the pasted, please go to
  • WATCH SKINCARE RELATED VIDEO: Skin18 started our youtube channel not long ago and already got a lot of awesome feedbacks, watch our weekly cartoon and blogger's video on the apps.
  • READ INSTAGRAM FEEDS: Want to know more about us? Follow our Instagram, facebook, pinterest board, Google plus, YouTube channel, twitter or tumblr social media channels by a click away from your mobile.

[ List if items under MENU ]

  • Freebies & BigDiscount
  • Shop (by Type)
  • Blog18
  • Social Media
  • More Info

[ Screen capture screen as reference ]

skin18 new mobile apps skin18 new mobile apps skin18 new mobile apps skin18 new mobile apps skin18 new mobile apps skin18 new mobile apps skin18 new mobile apps skin18 new mobile apps




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