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Skin18 Discount, Cash Coupon Codes and MORE


Here you will find a list of ways to get Skin18 special discount code, special deals and cash coupon.  Please note only ONE coupon code can be insert for each check out.  Read more about using coupon code here: How do I use a coupon code?

1 freebies 2 crazy discount
3 lucky wheel 4 lucky slot
5 - 50% off 6 - dollar corner
7 reward cash coupon 8 blogpack


  •  Freebies (no coupon code needed)
    • Select your free facial items and pay for shipping and handling charge only.
    • You can get up to 5 freebies if you want freebies along with free shipping order.
    • Find out more:
  • Crazy Discount Count Down (no coupon code needed)
    • Enjoy Skin18 crazy discount from 30% off too 100% off with a counter counting down! Don't wait and buy them before the price go back up!
    • Find out more:
  • Lucky Wheel - try your luck to get an offer!
    • Spin the lucky wheel to get discounts, cash coupon code, free shipping or a free gifts!
    • Different offers changes from time to time.
    • Find out more:
  • Lucky Slot - try your luck to get a discount!
  • 50% off Super Deal (Coupon code: 2016SUP50%OFF)
    • Select items from the this link:
    • Remember to insert the coupon code [ 2016SUP50%OFF ] on check out!!
    • Your bill will showed with 50% off the already discounted price.
    • Read more on how to use a coupon code: How do I use a coupon code?
  • ONE dollar Corner
  • $5 /$10 off CASH COUPON (Reward Program)
    • Join the Reward Program for FREE, and get BIG CASH COUPON as easy as 1-2-3.
    • Simple create account by clicking the Reward (Cash Coupon) Icon on the bottom of any skin18 page: Reward (Cash Coupon)
    • Create an account and earn 500 chips to get $5 off, or earn 1000 chips to get $10 off coupon immediately!
      • Create a store account +200 chips
      • Share website on Facebook  +100 chips
      • Share website on Twitter  +100 chips
      • Like page on Facebook  +150 chips
      • Follow on Twitter  +150 chips
      • Follow on Instagram  +150 chips
      • Make an order + 10 chips for every $10 spent
      • Refer a friend +500 chips
      • Leave a Review +150 chips
    • More information:
  • 10% off coupon
    • For every purchase you make, you will get a special Receipt with a "happy" and "sad" face, email subject will be [ Thank you for shopping with skin18 ] 
    • DO NOT trash this immediately because it contain a 10% off coupon which will expire in two weeks.
  • Give US$5.00, Get US$5.00
    • For every purchase you make, you will get a special Receipt with a "happy" and "sad" face, email subject will be [ Thank you for shopping with skin18 ] 
    • Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a [ Give $5.00, Get $5.00 ] section, Click to share on email, facebook or twitter to give US$5 cash coupon to a friend and get US$5 cash coupon yourself!
    • Click to view the receipt sample:
    • receipt receipt
  • Monthly / Seasonal Coupons:
    • Skin18 offers special discount code from time to time.
    • Find the [ Get Discount ] icon on the bottom left of any Skin18 page, click and you can get the discount code after following our social media.
    • Get Discount Icon: get coupon
    • Click to view the Coupon template sample: 
    • Coupon
  • More from bloggers: Discount from Skin18 bloggers/reviewers 

Here are some important points for your attention while using CASH coupon code:

  • Cash or Discount code is good to be used for purchasing items only and not for shipping fee.
  • There are Free Shipping coupon but it cannot not be used with freebies orders.
  • Each time can only use ONE coupon code, you can always save your coupon code for later but beware of the expiration date.
  • Here is a link to show you how to use a coupon: How do I use a coupon code?

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