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Welcome to the Skin18 community! You can find out the current discount code and freebies update on this page. Before purchasing the Skin18 community, we would like to define your role at the Skin18 community for more discount & freebie

Current discount code (40% off): SKIN18BACK-40%OFF

  • Minimum ordering amount US$10
  • Automatically apply to all orders + users
  • Duration: June to July 2020

At the Skin18 community, we value all of our users, bloggers, customers, and partners. Skin18 is not just an online store; we share knowledge, offer freebies, review products with users, gain feedback for improvement, run joined promotion with bloggers, and organize marketing champaign with partners.

Your role depends on the purpose of your visit here, please find out more by clicking to the following role, and then you can define your Skin18's role with clarity.

users skin18 bloggersskin18 customers Skin18 Business Partner

Definition for each role:

  • Users - For those who are keen on using essential oils, would like to gain knowledge on D.I.Y (Do-it-yourself) nature skincare and healthcare products, you are Skin18's user.
  • Bloggers - For those who love to blog, owns social media channels, blogging websites, and would like to challenge Skin18 blogger's program by continually reviewing essential oils, DIY, skincare, healthcare products for us.  
  • Customers - Skin18 value our customers the most; we offer yearly non-stop discount codes, freebies, giveaways, free D.I.Y packages, purchasing point system, etc. 
  • Business Partners - For those who would like to partner with Skin18 to work on the essential oil business together.  Our partner will use, learn, share, and create their customer base with Skin18 at the same time.  Skin18 loves to build a business partnership with joined marketing campaigns and promotions.

Users (for Essential Oil and D.I.Y)
Are you keen on using essential oil (eo) but do not know how to start?  Or are you an experienced eo user who would like to share your tips with others?  Become Skin18 user and share your eo D.I.Y learning path with us.
  • Join [ DIY4Living tips @skin18com
  • Skin18 support 100% natural homemade recipe.
  • The goal of DIY4Living is to take steps in living a fuller, richer, healthier life with Essential Oils.
  • We share DIY Recipes & Tips, also would like to hear from you.

skin18 bloggers
Bloggers (V.I.B - Very Important Blogger)
Skin18 has been a blogger friendly site for 5 years; V.I.B plays an essential role at Skin18 as we believe in sharing, caring & reviewing. How to become our V.I.B? Please join one of our blogger's program to be entitled as V.I.B, 
  • Join [ Skin18 free4blogger Review Program ] to become our V.I.B.
  • Non-stop free packages will be mailed to your doors.
  • Special freebies just for V.I.B at [ Skin18 freebies ] section.
  • Non-stop joined marketing promotion with Skin18.
  • Skin18 will sponsor your channel to run giveaways.
  • Free essential oils from time to time to reward our V.I.B
  • All V.I.B can get an automatic 30% off on all orders..

skin18 customers
Why become a Skin18's customer?  We are different because we offer Skin18 freebies, rewards program, giveaways, informative D.I.Y tips, D.I.Y package with the most honest blogger's feedback on products.  Join our [  Skin18 Sharing Reward Program ] for a $5 cash coupon (+500 points) before you even spend any money on buying!!

Skin18 Business Partner
Business Partners


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