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Reasons for paying customs duty on international packages

Reasons for paying customs duty on international packages

For a layman, understand taxation structure and rates is a tedious task. He does not understand when to pay duties and taxes and why. Especially when someone is ordering an items from an overseas seller, then he will be confused about the duties and taxes to be paid for obtaining international packages.

Now let us understand w do you need to pay certain duties and taxes to obtain delivery of your international package.

Imaging yourself in a situation. You have ordered and purchased an item through online portal. The purchased items need to pass through a proper customs procedure for reaching your destination. It is known as clearance of shipment. It relies on many factors such as:

  • Country of origin
  • The price or value of items purchased, inclusive of transport charges
  • Volume of items purchased

The customs laws and duties differ from one country to another. It also depends on the type and size of items purchased.

You must be still wondering why you have to pay for customs duty when you make an online purchase. Let us understand the reasons in detail.

The price of the goods purchased is not comprised of duties and taxes. Even the shipping costs do not include duties or taxes. Thus, the price and the shipping costs do not involve duties.

The goods purchased online may not be originated in the country of your residence. Hence, customs duty is to be paid on these goods. When the goods are to be transported from one country to another, a tariff needs to be paid. This tariff is known as customs duty.

In case the transportation of goods does not take place within the domestic region or within a single customs union, the purchaser of the goods must pay duties and taxes. These duties and taxes are as per the discretion of the customs authority.

Just recollect when you made an overseas purchase through online means, did you pay duties and taxes for the goods purchased? Obviously not, it was the courier company that made the payment of the custom duties and taxes on the purchased goods. Later, you have to pay the requisite amount to the courier company. As soon as these duties and taxes are paid to the courier company by you, the company will deliver the goods to you quickly.

Hence, before purchasing any goods through online e-commerce portals, it is necessary to know the following aspects:

  • The country of your residence
  • The country where the owner of the goods is situated
  • The local customs laws and authority

When the courier company asks you to pay requisite charges, it is not the additional charges. It is the actual customs duty for international packages that the courier company has paid while clearing goods through international borders.

What if you receive an international package as a gift? Do you need to pay customs duty for international package? Obviously, yes. As every package needs to be cleared for shipment, customs duty is also to be paid on gifts.


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