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Join Skin18 Essential Oils Challenge 1-5s Review Program

Join Skin18 Essential Oils Challenge 1-5s Review Program


* Essential Oils Challenge Products will be launching on or after 20th August, 2018 under blog pack section -

* This program is only apply to level 5 Skin18 challenge blogger who already participated and finished 5 levels.  New bloggers can join [ Skin18 Challenge 1-10s Review Program ] to start with.

* Important Note: Please note due to the heavy applications, it will take from 1-3 weeks for Skin18 to process new application. If you really want to get more freebies as quick as possible, you can also get them by paying the shipping fee at

* Application run ONLY while stock last *

Challenge [ Skin18 Essential Oils Challenge 1-5s Review Program ] today!

  • Skin18 would like to invite collaborating blogger who would likes to try Young Living Essential Oils to enter our [  Skin18 Essential Oils Challenge 1-5s Review Program ].  Our recruitment will last and valid as long as stock last, an estimation of running time for 2-3 years.
  • Please choose your package on this link: (available on & after 20th August, 2018)
  • For newbies, please join [ Skin18 Challenge 1-10s Review Program ] to start with and finish 5 levels.
  • Skin18 Reviewer Program is the only way for Skin18 to distribute free PR samples and application process is necessary for all PR samples.

A little more about EO Challenge 1-5s Reviews Program:

  • [ Skin18 Essential Oils Challenge 1-5s Review Program ] goes from level 1 to level 5 meaning Skin18 will offer free essential oils from 1 bottle to 5 bottles.  Blogger's pack can be easily approved on level 1 if you meet our minimum requirements (level 5 of Skin18 mask challenge) with absolutely no exception cases, so please do not apply if you do not meet the requirements  
  • You can enter level 2 ONLY if you have fulfill all the social media sharing, reviewing on Skin18’s site and blog posts with your level 1 package.
  • Skin18's goal is to continue sending out free packages to bloggers in return for a honest review

Minimum Requirements to enter as Skin18 EO Challenge 1-5s Reviews Program :

  1. It would be awesome if you are a blogger (even new ones) and have your own blog page.
  2. Always complete level 5 ofSkin18 Challenge 1-10s Review Program ] 
  3. If you do not have the above mentioned qualification or blog page, start by joining mask challenge now.
  4. Please DO NOT apply if you are unsure about your accurate shipping address, did not join Skin18 Mask Challenge before or do not want to follow Skin18's community.
  5. After accepting to the program, Skin18 will send your selected products.

Step by Step guide for application?

  1. Go to, "Shop by Type" on top menu and find "Blogger's Pack"  (For Mobile site: Click on top left icon " = ", click on "Shop by Type", look for "Blogger's Pack") or click here:
  2. Skin18 will be offering products at different levels, please choose the correct level according to your current status.  All newbies starts with level 1, select your product and press "ADD TO CART" just like a customer making a purchase.
  3. (Important Step) When you are on SHOPPING CART page, find the box under "SPECIAL INSTRUCTION FOR SELLER" , kindly insert your blogger's code and all social media links into the section--- For example, instead of (instagrm: skin18com), please send ( * If you are ordering level 2 or above items, please insert your "blogger's code = first order number" on this section.
  4. Press "CHECK OUT"
  5. Insert your information to "Login" or register an customer account by pressing "Create account
  6. Insert correct Shipping Information.  Please make sure shipping address is typed-in correctly - check it TWICE.  If package is returned to the Skin18 (sender) because of an incomplete or insufficient address, Skin18 will NOT be responsible on any return / refund / resend.
  7. Select "Free Shipping - Skin18 Challenge" as shipping method.
  8. Continue to "Payment method" and select "Your order is free. No payment is required."
  9. Still find errors? Check your shipping address to make sure it is correct, check your ordering item quantity, you can only order ONE item in ONE type and ONE in quantity each time you place an order.
  10. Press "Complete Order"
  11. Sit back and wait for approval which takes approximately 5 - 10 business days (1-2 weeks of time)
  12. After approval, Skin18 will send out your package without a tracking number, please note that Skin18 WILL NOT be responsible for any package lost, in-delivery, incomplete address errors, custom inspection, tax, etc.  If accident happens, Skin18 will not send out a second package in those cases.
  13. Sit back relax and wait for your package. (takes another 7-14 business days)
  • Skin18 Blogger's Team will review your request and send you a confirmation.  Since there are a lot of applications and our manpower is limited for the Blogger's team,  please be patient with Skin18.
  • Orders not meeting minimum requirements or without blogger's code will be canceled automatically without notice.
  • Each blog / social media links / email / user can only apply for ONE account, violating this will be withdrawn from the program
  • Please note products will be selected randomly, you are only able to select the product; decision on product's types or quantity are all controlled by Skin18. (no exceptional case)
  • Your blogger's code will be your Skin18 Mask Challenge blogger's code onward.
  • How to find out if you are accepted to the program or not? When you get a tracking number or NA on your email, this means you are already accepted.
  • Here is graphical images as guideline (Click to open the image):

instruction1 Blogger's Pack instruction3 instruction4 instruction5 instruction 6 instruction 7 instruction 8

What you need to do after you get your free package?

  • After received your package, Skin18 allows up to 8 weeks (1-2 months) for you to enjoy your package and work on your review.
  • (ACTION A) MOST IMPORTANTLY: Write your review at ( read detail instruction on this link: )  You can also earn cash coupon while posting review.
  • (ACTION B) Share your most honest review at your blog / youtube channels / social media channels.  The more you share, the hight level you can get on the next stage.  Remember to follow all our social media links and as well tag skin18 on all possible ways:
  • There are also minimum requirements for different levels: 
    • Please make sure you meet following requirements, or else our marketing team will deny your upgrade request.
    • Level 1 to 2: review post on a minimum of 2 social media channels (or 2 post) PLUS one blog post with writings and photos. If you do not have a blog, please kindly do a guest post on your friend's blog.
    • Level 3: review posts on a minimum of 3 social media channels PLUS one blog post with writings and photos. It is also required to host a giveaway sponsored by Skin18 with a minimum of 1 bottle of your free essential oils. (we will send 4 oils in this case)
    • Level 4-5: review posts on a minimum of 3 social media channels PLUS one blog post with writing and photos. It is also required to host a giveaway sponsored by Skin18 with a minimum of 1 bottle of your free essential oils. (we will send 5-6 oils in this case)
  • (ACTION C) Send us the link by email (email: and AND insert the social media sharing link on your next level order. Skin18 accept positive and negative feedback, please always remember to include your [ Blogger's code = first order number ] on each email you send to Skin18 blogger's team or else you might not get a reply.  We will reply and let you know which level you can go next.
  • (IMPORTANT) -- after you receive your package and finish your review, you can feel free to place order on the next level but please remember to insert:
    • (A) Your blogger's code [ Blogger's code from Skin18 Mask Challenge Program ]
    • (B) Social Media sharing links
  • Level usually goes from 1,2,3,4 to 5.
  • If all tasks were finished, please go ahead and place the next level up attaching reviewing links.  After you get your approval letter, you can go ahead to order level 2/3 product.  Please do not place new order if you haven't get our confirmation emails.

Terms and Condition for Skin18 Essential Oils Challenge 1-5s Review Program:

  • Skin18 works with reviewer/blogger as a group, it is possible to receive emails related to sharing news, updates from Skin18 from time to time.  
  • Reviewer/Blogger can terminate the approved membership at anytime by sending an email to
  • Please try to post review within 8 weeks of time and share with the world, we do not want to give pressure so please try your best - our goal is to share and spread the news.  If reviews are not up within 12 weeks, there is a possibility for Skin18 to terminate the blogger's membership.
  • Please try to be responsible and write review as promised after receiving the free package, if Skin18 get no reply within a certain period of time, your email / blog links / social media links will be blacklisted.
  • Skin18 reserves the rights to accept or deny any participant’s membership or reviews.
  • Skin18 WILL NOT be responsible for any package lost, not deliver, incomplete address errors, custom inspection, tax, etc.  If accident happen, Skin18 will not send out a second package in those cases.
  • Skin18 EO Challenge 1-5s Review Program Promotion is Skin18 promotion program managed and operated by Skin18 Co.
  • Skin18 EO Challenge 1-5s Review Program Promotion is open to individual aged 18 or above. Skin18 reserves the right to grant or refuse promotion at its sole and absolute discretion.  It is a possibility that Skin18 might require a copy of the ID for verification.
  • Skin18 reserves the right to modify the rules, benefits and other features, including Terms and Conditions, or to terminate Reviewer Program at any time.
  • Skin18 reserves all rights of final decision on the interpretation of these terms and conditions


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