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[ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] Crossover Campaign


Skin18 is very exciting to officially announce series of Crossover Campaign with Italy Station called [ ItalyStation x Skin18 ].  ItalyStation ( ItalyStation.com ) is a premium supplier of the world’s top luxury fashion brand, including designer handbags, accessories and clothing.
  • Who doesn't like skincare from Skin18.com?
  • Who doesn't like luxury bags from ItalyStation.com?

About [ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] Crossover Campaign

Skin18 runs with ISO 9001 (Project Quality Management) and ISO 14001; we are very concerned about quality and safety of all imported skin care products.  Skin18 always ensure all products are 100% guarantee safe to be used on skin with worldwide standard safety certificate such as KFDA, FDA, ISO, Laboratories Test Report, etc.  The same idea runs for ItalyStation, with many Replica vs Authentic luxury products out in the market, ItalyStation always make sure all products listed on the website are guaranteed with 100% authentic!  All luxury products are imported from Europe directly with careful inspection, authenticity Guarantee (no fake) official certificate (HKMA), and carried Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme.

Two brands carries the same quality guaranteed story which lead to the [ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] Crossover Campaign.  

[ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] GIVEAWAYS
Series of GIVEAWAYS of Luxury Bags AND Skin Care Products launching at skin18.com, ItalyStation.com, Instagram@skin18com, Instagram@italystationhk, Facebook@skin18, Facebook@italystation, etc. Follow all social media channels and stay tune!!
[ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] Blogger Program
ItalyStation x Skin18 would like to invite any high quality bloggers/reviewers who want to win and review luxury bag and skin care products at the same time. Recruitment period from Mid August until Mid October 2016, application and approval process is necessary for all PR samples. Announcement will starts on August.
  • Participants need to go through an official approval process to join a competition for final prizes.
  • All approved participants will first receive a FREE skin care products package from Skin18.
    • Action #1: After receiving the FREE skin care package from Skin18, write a blog post / review on those items.
    • Action #2: Select one luxury bag from ItalyStation and write a blog post / review about the bag with your fashion sense.
    • Optional extra points: Share your review at Skin18.com ( read detail instruction on this link: http://skin18.com/writereview ), Share post and tag Italystation & Skin18 on all your social media channels.
  • Blogger Program will select three BEST blog posts as winners.
  • Winner's prizes (Gold, Silver, Bronze): Each winner will get sponsor gifts - ItalyStation will sponsor a luxury product; Skin18 will sponsor a luxury set of skin care products.
  • Read here for more information: http://skin18.com/italystationXskin18blogger
      [ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] Monthly Subscription Box
      Limited pre-order for [ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] special Luxury Box with goodies for a Luxury Bag + Skincare!  FIrst box announcement will launch on or before August 1st, 2016.
      • August Box - Michael Kors X Mediheal - launching on August 1st
      • September Box - Longchamp X Natural Republic - launching on September 1st
      • October Box - Tory Burch X Tony Moly - launching on October 1st

      * You can select your own luxury bags / wallet when purchasing this box.

      [ ItalyStation x Skin18 ] Coupons
      • For every purchase you make at Skin18, you will get a special CASH coupon from Italystation - Buy skin care products to get special CASH coupon for luxury products.
      • For every purchase you make at Italystation, you will get a special CASH coupon from Skin18 - Buy luxury products get special CASH coupon for skincare products.


      [ About Italy Station ]
      Italy Station is a premium supplier of the world’s top luxury fashion brand, including designer handbags, accessories and clothing. As a one-stop shop for all of your fashion needs, we offer everything from brand new, preloved, consignment, retail to wholesale items of some world’s top brands.

      With years of experience in the industry and a wide network of providers, suppliers and partners, we are able to offer our clients professional service and unmatched discounts on both new and pre-owned products.

      Italy Station was founded as an online trading platform in 2001 and has been growing ever since. We expanded our business to US retailing service in 2004, and, a year later, opened our first official store in Hong Kong. Thanks to our professional service and dedication to providing our clients with only the best products, we have already gained a wide network of loyal and satisfied clients locally and overseas.

      Our expert team consists of buyers and suppliers, who hand-pick every single product we offer. At Italy Station, we strive to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy your favorite designer brands and luxury products for only a fraction of the price.

      [ Authenticity Guarantee ]
      Guaranteed 100% authentic, no fakes or your full money back. Italy Station is listed in the participating retailers under "Clothing, Accessories and Tailors" category. As Asia's World City, Hong Kong is committed to the protection of intellectual property. With the goal of enhancing consumer confidence in Hong Kong, and to strengthen the City's reputation as a "Shopping Paradise" for genuine products, the Intellectual Property Department has launched the "No Fakes" Pledge Scheme. Feel free to take any item that you purchased from us to other local brand boutiques for authentication if you have any doubt. We highly encourage this practice for our customers*.

      [ Professional and Reliable - Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme ]
      Since our first store opened in 2005, till now, we gotten various authentications these ten years. Italy Station is accredited by the “Quality Tourism Service Scheme” administrated by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB). All accredited merchants must pass stringent annual assessments showing that they meet high standards of product quality and service. These include: Selling authentic products; Provide clearly displayed prices; Display clear product information; and Ensure superb customer service.

      [ HKRMA - Hong Kong Retail Management Association ]
      Italy Station is one of the MyPoupette’s recommended LV sellers. The founder Angie Houston has purchased, sold and studied many luxury top brands’ items for more than 25 years. She authenticates over 3,500 items each year. MyPoupetteRS only provides resources for those honest sellers with a good reputation and can be trusted. There is no remuneration for MyPoupette. It maintains a neutral stance and its endorsement cannot be purchased. Recommended sellers have earned this distinction and customers’ trusts based on their own merits. If you are worried about an item authenticity after receipt, we suggest you ask the trusted and well known third party, MyPoupette. We only issue a full refund after MyPoupette approves that the item is not authentic or the brand stores reject to provide maintaining and repairing service. Also, the original receipt issued by our company must be provided.
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