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Find the [ BUY1GET1 ] labels at Skin18!!

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Treasure Hurt TIME - Ready for the exciting [ BUY1GET1 ] FREE promotion? 

  • Discovering [ BUY1GET1 ] label while shopping at
  • When you see this label, this means the product is under the  [ BUY1GET1 ] FREE promo.
  • When you buy one, Skin18 will insert an extra one for you for FREE!
  • When you buy two, Skin18 will insert two extras for you for FREE!
  • When you buy three, Skin18 will insert three extras for you for FREE!

buy 1 get 1

  • Example of products with [ BUY1GET1 ] FREE Promo products.

buy1get1abuy1get1bbuy1get1cbuy1get1d buy1get1free buy1get1free

  • [ BUY1GET1 ] label will "appear" and "disappear" within a period of time depending on the promotion period of the product, Skin18 suggests customer to purchase the immediately to enjoy the promo and avoid the checking out without the promo.
  • When a customer put the item on the cart but check out in another day after the promo period of time, this might effect the promo. 
  • [ BUY1GET1 ] label is a randomly selected products program and it starts and end within a period of time.


[Terms and Condition for BUY1GET1 FREE Promotion]

  • Users have to pay for shipping fee of according to the shipping table, Free items will not be sent if the postage fee is not paid.  You can earn a free shipping if your total ordering amount reach US$40/60, find out more on this link:
  • The promotion is valid in most countries worldwide, not all; please try to place the freebie order and we will send you notification if it does not cover your country.
  • Skin18 reserves the rights to accept or deny any participant’s reviews.
  •  BUY1GET1 FREE Promotion is Skin18 promotion program managed and operated by Skin18.
  •  BUY1GET1 FREE Promotion is open to individual aged 18 or above. Skin18 reserves the right to grant or refuse promotion at its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Skin18 reserves the right to modify the rules, benefits and other features, including Terms and Conditions, or to terminate Freebies Promotion at any time.
  • Skin18 reserves all rights of final decision on the interpretation of these terms and conditions.


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