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Let's celebrate 2016 with 50+ FreeBies!!

Let’s Celebrate 2016 with 50+ Freebies

December Freebies 

Skin18 always support the idea of TRY it before you BUY it!! Say goodbye to 2015 & Ring in 2016 with Skin18 to over 50 different FREEBIES! There are total of 3 sections for all freebies:
  1. Ben & Sera 30 days Anti-Aging Coating Cream (Sample Pack) x 2pcs
  2. Ben & Sera 30 days Anti-aging Project Serum (Sample Pack) x 2pcs
  3. Ben & Sera ATO-K AtoPic Project Serum (for Sensitive Skin) (Sample Pack) x 2pcs
  4. Ben & Sera JJ-Cream Diamond Whitening One Second (Sample Pack) x 2pcs
  5. Ben & Sera Water Drop Moisture Cream (Sample Pack) x 2pcs
  6. Ben & Sera Water Light Face Scrub (exfoliator that remove dead cells) (Sample Pack) x 2pcs
  7. Four Season Aloe Soothing Waterful Oasis Mask (Whitening Function)
  8. Four Season Collagen Lifting Wrinkle Care Intensive Mask (Anti-wrinkle Function)
  9. Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask (Whitening Function)
  10. Four Season Red Ginseng White Clean Active Mask (Whitening Function)
  11. Four Season Snail Repairing Wrinkle Care Intensive Mask (Anti-wrinkle Function) Freebies
  12. Four Season Syn-ake Anti-Wrinkle Time Reset New Born Mask (Anti-wrinkle function)
  13. Mediheal Collagen Impact Essential Mask
  14. Mediheal N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask (Moisturizing)
  15. Mediheal Placenta Revital Essential Mask
  16. Mediheal Tea Tree Healing Solution Essential Mask
  17. Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask Pack (EGF) – bouncy skin
  18. Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask Pack (Lipidure) - moisturizing
  19. Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask Pack (Placenta) – brighten & soften
  20. Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask Pack (Rice Wine) – nourishes & firmness
  21. Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask Pack (Snail) – anti-aging
  22. Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask (Syn-ake) - Firming & Smoothing
(B) Freebies 12 items - for US$10+ purchasing order ONLY
  1. Mediheal E.G.T Timetox Ampoule mask
  2. Mediheal H.D.P Pore Stamping Charcoal Mineral Mask
  3. Mediheal Platinum V-life Essential Mask
  4. Mediheal Vita Lightbeam Essential Mask
  5. Mediheal W.H.P White Hydrating Charcoal Mineral Mask
  6. SOC AC-Dressing 3 steps Intensive Care Mask (Soothing, Enhanced Nutrition)
  7. SOC Aloe-Soothing 3 steps Intensive Care Mask (Organic Aloe leaf, Enhanced Ingredients)
  8. SOC Aqua-Ringer 3 steps Intensive Care Mask (Skin moisture, Improved Moisture)
  9. SOC Collagen-Lifting 3 steps Intensive Care Mask (Marine Collagen, Double Strength)
  10. SOC Horse Oil-Complex 3 steps Intensive Care Mask (Skin Regeneration, Powered Retention)
  11. SOC Tea Tree-Relax 3 steps Intensive Care Mask (Organic Herbs, Enhanced Ingredients)
  12. SOC Vita-Brightening 3 steps Intensive Care Mask (CentellaAsiatica Extract, Double Strength)
(C) Freebies 12 items - for US$20+ purchasing order ONLY
  1. Banila Co. - Clean it ZERO (+) purity (for sensitive skin) - Sample Pack
  2. Banila Co. - Clean it ZERO original (for combination/ normal skin) - Sample Pack
  3. Ben & Sera 15 Days Anti-Wrinkle TaengTaeng Project Serum (3ml syringe)
  4. Ben & Sera 7 Days Whitening Miracle Project Serum (Anti-Wrinkle / Anti-Aging / Moisturizing)
  5. Foodaholic 4D Skinny Fit BIRD NEST Essence Mask
  6. Foodaholic 4D Skinny Fit CACTUS Essence Mask
  7. Foodaholic 4D Skinny Fit HORSE FAT Essence Mask
  8. Foodaholic 4D Skinny Fit SALMON ROE Essence Mask
  9. Guerisson 9 Complex Moisturizing Scar Cream - Sample Pack
  10. Nature Republic AQUA Collagen Solution Mask Sheet
  11. Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet
  12. Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask Sheet - Snail

Ground Rules for Skin18 Freebies Promotion:

  • No Purchase needed, No Administration fee, only need to pay for shipping fee**.
  • Promotion will run until all our freebies are out-of-stock.
  • First order, First get!
  • For all freebies: 1 quantity = 1 item = 1 piece 
  • Your only action: Pay for shipping fee, Share your experience by writing a review!!
  • Each email and shipping address is good for ONE ORDER
  • Purpose of this promotion is to share and we accept good and bad reviews! 
  • If you want to purchase and have freebies at the same time, here is guide line for you:
    • Order under US$40 - follow shipping fee rules and pay according to it's weight
    • Order from US$40 to US$80 - maximum up to 8 freebies ONLY.
    • Order from US$80 to US$120 - maximum up to 15 freebies ONLY
    • Order from US$120 and up - maximum up to 20 freebies ONLY 
    • Priority Shipping is NOT an option for Freebies Orders.
    • To avoid confusions, please read terms carefully before you place an order or contact us.

Shipping Fee (pay according to it's weight): (Check out shipping information page here)

  • Order under US$40 (Under 50g) --- us$3
  • Order under US$40 (51g to 100g) --- us$5
  • Order under US$40 (101g to 200g) --- us$7
  • Order under US$40 (201g to 350g) --- us$9
  • Order under US$40 (351g to 450g) --- us$11
  • Order under US$40 (451g to 600g) --- us$13
  • Order under US$40 (601g to 850g) --- us$17
  • Order under US$40 (851g to 1100g) --- us$21
  • Order under US$40 (1101g to 1500g) --- us$28
  • Order under US$40 (1501g to 2000g) --- us$34
  • Order under US$40 (2001g to 3000g Max) --- us$45

[Terms and Condition for Freebies Promotion]

  • Users have to pay for shipping fee of according to the above table, freebies will not be sent if the postage fee is not paid. (for Freebies order only)
  • Please try to post review within 4 weeks of time and share to the world, we do not want to give pressure so please try your best - our goal is to share and spread the news.  More reviews can help us to get more freebies - we track your reviews with emails.
  • The promotion is valid in most countries worldwide, not all; please try to place the freebie order and we will send you notification if it does not cover your country.
  • Skin18 reserves the rights to accept or deny any participant’s reviews.
  • Freebies Promotion is Skin18 promotion program managed and operated by Skin18.
  • Freebies Promotion is open to individual aged 18 or above. Skin18 reserves the right to grant or refuse promotion at its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Skin18 reserves the right to modify the rules, benefits and other features, including Terms and Conditions, or to terminate Freebies Promotion at any time.
  • Skin18 reserves all rights of final decision on the interpretation of these terms and conditions.

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