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Skin18 Ingredient Box Subscription Launched

skin18 ingredient box

Skin18's goal is to keep all our skin at age of 18 by using all kinds of skin care products. Skin pamper is VERY IMPORTANT to ladies and gentlemen at all ages, but there are so many kinds to be selected from? Which type should we use?  The Skin18 Ingredient Box Subscription is here to make decision for you on what to use.

Skin18 believes in natural ingredient and ingredient box is customized box for all skin type with surprises, Skin18 is well known for giving out non-stop freebies, giveaways, bonus samples - check our social media.  Start caring about your skin and subscribe Skin18 Ingredient Box today.  Or you can try our box with a monthly purchase (remember to purchase before 1st of every month)

A little more about Skin18 box, once user subscribed, Skin18 sales representatives will contact you directly to ask for your skin type, skin care behavior or special preference.  Our team will mark down your data, save it as record, combine with our skin care expert suggestion; then custom-made your box for you.  Our aim is to educate subscriber with particular ingredient and its function as many skin care addicts are puzzled on ingredient's function.  For example, collagen is a well known skin care ingredient but why? Not many know that a human body start losing their collagen as early at 20's and collagen contains 70% of the protein that creates skin.  In addition, about a quarter of a human body's total protein is made with collagen. Skin, tendons, hair, nail and other internal organs are structured by collagen!!  Those are something we want to educate subscriber by sending in a box with a specific ingredient so that she/he will be awarded or has impression of the ingredient with that special month! 

Subscribe today before the promotion ends (end of January 2016): Promotion ended and following are not current price for Skin18 ingredient box (updated on Feb 2016)

[ Welcome Gift ] - select your welcome gift when placing order: Promotion ended on 1st Feb.

  1. Mediheal N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask x 5pcs 
  2. Mediheal Mask Dress Code Blue x 5pcs 
  3. Mediheal W.H.P White Hydrating Charcoal Mineral Mask x 5pcs 
  4. Mediheal Mask Dress Code Black x 5pcs 
  5. Mediheal H.D.P Pore Stamping Charcoal Mineral Mask x 5pcs 
  6. Mediheal Mask Dress Code Red x 5pcs 
  7. Mediheal E.G.T Timetox Ampoule mask x 5pcs 
  8. Mediheal Mask Dress Code Violet x 5pcs 

    [ Features about Skin18 Ingredient Box Subscription ] 

    • Price already include worldwide shipping! - Click here for Shipping Information
    • Monthly box will send out every 10th of each month! *Subscribe before 1st of each month
    • Items includes everything to pamper your skin (more than enough for the whole month)!
    • You will always get surprise with too much freebies (Skin18 is well known on giving out free items!)!
    • Subscriber will get special discount rate from 20-30% off on all other purchase on every month (share it to your friends)!
    • More chances on winning giveaways: skin18 will enter your name on all our giveaways automatically - don't be surprise with extra giveaway winning emails!
    • Extra DOUBLE UP gold chips on Reward Program - Click here for Reward Program

    * Skin18 team or focus group always use products before you do.
    * Skin18 is a place to share skin care products.

    [ Subscribe NOW and get your Welcome gifts ] 

     Skin18 ingredient box subscription 1 month Skin18 ingredient box subscription 3 months

    Skin18 ingredient box subscription 6 months Skin18 ingredient box subscription 9 months

    Skin18 ingredient box subscription 12 months

    [ More Information ]

    Purpose of Skin18 box is to let subscriber understand more what is suitable to be used to pamper face for individual use.  Skin18 is not your doctor but we work closely with professionals to find out what you need.

    We do not send out promotion items to everyone to try because we know everyone is different that has different needs.  Skin18 will find your needs according to skin type, weather changes, skin reaction and send you the right products at the right time just for your skin!

    The gimmick behind is how when you get a flu, go see a doctor and get the suitable medicine for cure. 

    First, we will pamper your skin with different ingredients to monitor the result.
    Second, according to the result, we will find the most suitable ingredients that would fit your needs.
    Thirdly, we will go from there to start your skincare routine series.

    Subscriber can feel free to input suggestion and we will keep your data as record.

    [ FAQ ]

    Q1. How many products are there in one box?
    A1 Skin18 will have put enough for you to use for a month, for example, you need 2-3 sheet masks per week, the box will have at least 10 for the monthly use!

    Q2. What size those products will be (full size, samples, etc)?
    A2 Skin18: Most items are in full size but we will also includes samples, it will be an ordinary purchasing box with most of full size items and some samples.

    Q3. Are you planning on doing theme boxes (like otheir brand in the market)?
    A3 Skin18's focus is natural ingredient as always or the function of a particular skincare ingredient.  For example, everyone knows cucumber in mask is a good thing but not a lot know that cucumber mask has a great function of regenerating skin and heal any damage!! We will educate subscriber along the way. Once you get a box with particular ingredient, you will learn the ingredient right the way!

    Q4. Is there any way to customize my box (For example - I got special skin and do not want any anti wrinkle products)?
    A4 Skin18: Yup!! This is our whole point - a customised box just for you!  Skin18 will learn from time to time on subscriber's skin behavior, habit and along with skincare expert as our support; Skin18 will select the correct product for your surprises in your box.

    Q5. Can i select freebies while purchasing the Skin18 box?
    A5 Skin18: Yes but Skin18 DO NOT suggest subscriber to do so and here are reasons why:

    • Skin18 Box is an ingredient box with items that specially selected from Skin18 and skin care expert to subscribers according to their skin type.
    • Skin18 Box subscriber can feel free to select freebies from our freebie section - but Skin18 DO NOT suggest.
    • Please note that the more freebies subscriber selected, the less special products Skin18 will insert into your box.
    • Freebies can always be selected with regular orders at anytime or just by paying shipping fee.
    • Unlike freebies, Skin18 Box is made especially for YOU and not everyone can get products you get from your box.

    [ More Picture of Skin18 Ingredient Box ]

    skin18 ingredient box picture skin18 ingredient box picture

    skin18 ingredient box picture skin18 ingredient box picture skin18 ingredient box picture skin18 ingredient box picture skin18 ingredient box picture skin18 ingredient box picture 

    skin18 ingredient box picture 

    skin18 ingredient box pictureskin18 ingredient box pictureskin18 ingredient box picture

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