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Skin18 Reward Program (Cash Coupons)

skin18 reward program

Skin18 has the most amazing Reward Program in the market, you can earn $5 coupon before you even spend any money on buying!!

Skin18 Reward Program 

Skin18 Renewed our Reward Program and now make it easier for user to get BIG CASH COUPON! How easy? Try it! It is a program to reward our value customer and to reward your skin!

Here please find instruction on how to create an account for you:

  1. Click on the bottom of the screen to sign in or register
  •   Skin18 Reward Program (2016)  Skin18 Reward Program (2016)
  • Enter your information to register as member or login to your existing account
  • Skin18 Reward Program (2016)  Skin18 Reward Program (2016)
  • New system is very easy to use with simple instruction, there are only two tabs for [ Rewards ] and [ Earn Points ]
  • Skin18 Reward Program (2016)  Skin18 Reward Program (2016)
  • Select different tab on top to learn how to [ Earn Points ] and how to get your [ Rewards ] * Reminder: after entering birthday, like or share Skin18 social media channels, close the window and open it again to refresh the screen for new chips/points.  When you have enough points to redeem, go to  [ Rewards ] and press [ Redeem ] 
  •  reward6 skin18 reward program (2016)
  • Press [ Confirm ] again and you will get your CASH coupon immediately
  • skin18 reward program (2016)  skin18 reward program (2016)

What is this?

This is a rewards program where you can earn points/chips for engaging with Skin18. You can use those points/chips to get CASH discounts as rewards.

How does it work?
After joining Skin18 rewards program, you will start earning points/chips and those points/chips can then be redeemed for CASH coupon code discounts towards your next order.

Okay, how can I start earning chips?

  • Create a store account +200 chips
  • Make an order  +10 chips for every $1 spent
  • Refer a friend  +500 chips
  • Insert your Birthday  +200 chips
  • Share website on Facebook  +100 chips
  • Share website on Twitter  +100 chips
  • Like page on Facebook  +150 chips
  • Follow on Twitter  +150chips
  • Follow on Instagram  +150 chips
  • Share a Product Review  +150 chips (max once a week)

Okay, what do i get from my chips/points?

  • $5 Discount - Costs 500 chips
  • $10 Discount - Costs 1000 chips
  • $20 Discount - Costs 1900 chips
  • $30 Discount - Costs 2700 chips
  • $40 Discount - Costs 3400 chips
  • $50 Discount - Costs 4000 chips
  • $60 Discount - Costs 4500 chips

Where can I view how many chips I have?
Your chips/points balance is shown on the pop-up screen when you click on the bottom [ CASH Coupon ] tab.  If you accidentally close the tab, please refresh your browser and the bottom tab again. Or you can open the page again on another browser window.

"I have not received points/chips for my order"
Please allow up to 24 hours from the time your order is marked as shipped for chips/points to be automatically added to your balance

I received a coupon code - how to use it?
Congratulations! Upon placing your next order, copy/paste the coupon code you have received into an appropriate field during the checkout process.  Each coupon is good to be used for ONE time only.

Does it cost me anything to be a member?
No. It is completely free to be a member of our rewards program.

Will my chips ever expire?
No. Your chips will never expire.

How do you deal with privacy?
Customers' privacy is one of our top priorities, which is why it is made sure that all customer data related to our rewards program is kept highly secured on the encrypted US-based servers of our rewards program technology provider sweet tooth.  

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  • Linda

    Woo this is easy to use and easy to earn point! I got my first order with $5 off and now I got another $10 coupon by leaving review and making only $50 orders! Good job guys

  • Anita Singh

    I used this rose sheet mask, n my skin feels so fresh n moisturised ????

  • Lidia

    Questa maschera è la mia preferita. Ha un buon profumo di limone e agrumi in generale. Mi piace perchè lascia la pelle molto fresca, tonica e rilassata

  • chiara

    unfortunately this is a product that I was unhappy, did not eliminate any black spot, despite having followed tha various indications.

  • Paola

    Me gustaría mucho poder participar

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