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Skin18 - Many Free Korean Skin Care Items & Facial Mask Sheets Giveaway (Freebies)

Factories run promotion from time to time and Skin18 plays a role to distribute masks for comments and opinion.  Please understand freebies has to be sent by overseas so a postage fee is applied.  It would be hard for Skin18 to keep the free mask promotion running if postage fee is not paid.  However, we do run free delivery promotion from time to time so please come back often and check out our freebies and discount options. Please continue support us so that we can keep freebies running and more to come.  Our mission is to continue providing samples for users and spread the news on how good Korean Skincare Products are.
Here are the key points of freebies:
  • No Purchase needed, No Administration fee, only need to pay for postage fee**.
  • Promotion will run until all our freebies are out-of-stock.
  • First order, First get!
  • Your only action: Pay for postage fee, Share your experience with Skin18 and the public by writing a review!!
  • Each email and shipping address is good for ONE winner only – please don’t trick us!
  • Purpose of this promotion is to share and we accept good and bad reviews! Let’s share your experience to everyone!
**Postage fee:
  • Freebies Delivery (for 1-2 orders of freebies ONLY) - US$3.00
  • Freebies Delivery (for 3-5 orders of freebies ONLY) - US$6.00
  • Freebies Delivery (for 6-8 orders of freebies ONLY) - US$10.00
  • Freebies Delivery (for 9-12 orders of freebies ONLY) - US$15.00 - and this is the maximum number you can get per user
  • If a wrong delivery fee is selected on your order, we will send back a payment bill through email before delivery, thank you.

Check out our current freebies and big discount on this page now:

[Terms and Condition for Freebies Promotion]

  • Please note that you have to pay for the postage fee of US$3/US$6/US$10, freebies will not be sent if the postage fee is not paid.
  • Please post your review within 4 weeks of time, if review was not posted within promising time, your registration will be deleted from our database.
  • The promotion is valid in most countries worldwide, not all; please try to place the freebie order and we will send you notification if it does not cover your country.
  • Skin18 reserves the right to accept or deny any participant’s reviews.
  • Freebies Promotion is Skin18 promotion program managed and operated by Skin18.
  • Freebies Promotion is open to individual aged 18 or above. Skin18 reserves the right to grant or refuse promotion at its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Skin18 reserves the right to modify the rules, benefits and other features, including Terms and Conditions, or to terminate Freebies Promotion at any time.
  • Skin18 reserves all rights of final decision on the interpretation of these terms and conditions

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