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10% off promotion on ALL purchase (July)

Skin18 runs series of promotion at the same time

Skin18 always run series of promotion at the same time to offer the BEST DEAL EVER for users. On July, we are offering a 10% off with EVERY purchase order you make in here.  Please use this coupon code HDPV5TIX7UHY when you check out before July 31, 2015

  • FAQ(2): Can promotion be use together with the current *Monthly Free Gifts with purchasing order (July)* promotion?
    • YES – meaning you can also get free gifts while getting all those discount!!!
  • FAQ(2): Can promotion be used together with the current *50% off promotion (Monthly update: July)* promotion?
    • YES – meaning you can get 50% off on promotional items with all free gifts!!
  • FAQ(3): I am confused… Some products are already discounted, can promotion be use together with promotion?
    • YES – don’t be confuse, you can get all free gifts, discount, discount again, discount again and again, free shipping – all together at the same time!!

Here is an example of the Super Deal: A customer selected Products and place order as below:
  1. MISKIN Diaforce Gold & Diamond Hydro-Gel Eye Patch / Mask  Original us$60 -> 50% off = us$30
  2. LomiLomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask (7 masks from Monday to Sunday) Original us$30 -> 50% off = us$15
  3. Grinif Dorothy Milky Cream (Whitening and Wrinkle Care) Original us$18 -> 25% off = us$13.5
  4. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Perfect Fit #2 Original us$17
  5. Foodaholic Hydrogel Mask Pearl Shining Original us$17.5 -> 50% off = us$8.75 for 5pcs
  6. Foodaholic 3D Cucumber Natural Essence Mask Original us$7.5 for 5pcs
Original Total: us$60 + us$30 + us$18 + us$17 + us$17.5 + us$7.5 = us$150 (+Shipping us$20 + Gifts us$44) = us$214 Discounted Total = us$30 + us$15 + us$13.5 + us$17 + us$8.75 + us$7.5 = us$91.75 Free shipping worth us$20 + Free gifts worth us$44) On this order - (us$214 - us$91.75) = TOTALLY SAVE us$122.25
Total Free Gifts worth us$44 (discounted price as us$28)

What you get from your package:

item_201506i item_201506b  etu-scbb001a item_201506h  ibo-scmask001 mir-scmask015b mir-scmask016b

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