Under The Skin of SKIN18: Use It – Try It – Share It

The quest you’ve to undergo, in order to experience the ultimate quality in the world of cosmetics, it’s neither a quick nor an easy one. Just because you’ve so many available options to choose from doesn’t mean that each and any product comes with a quality you’re expecting. Nowadays, almost every beauty products provider claims that he or she has cousins in Korea. Do you feel a little bit confused and overwhelmed with this abundance of Korean beauty products? Here are some simple facts and tips that can help you to find your way through this unparalleled jungle of offers and products.

Can You Find Korea On The Map?


Just like any other money-making industry, the beauty industry isn’t immune to the presence of the so-called easy-money-predators. For some people it doesn’t matter what they do or sell, they’re after your money at all costs. That’s why we think it’s extremely important to clarify some things about our business approach and beauty products.

We aren’t eBay for the beauty products Made-In-Korea! We aren’t just one more eStore you can find online, which sells beauty products one day, and then computers the very next day. We’re genuine representatives of the Korean beauty philosophy and a way of life. We’ve actually been there to see first-hand what’s happening in the field and talk with the real life people. For each and any of our products and solutions, we offer to our loyal customers, we’ve personally checked the production facilities. Our brand SKIN 18 comes with a guarantee. We don’t order components online from the unreliable sources with no previous verification or appropriate certificates. We aren’t tourists, who buy Korean beauty products on the first market, they visit in Seoul, in order to resell them once they’re back in the USA.

First Try, Then Buy!


There’s one more thing that clearly sets up apart from the so-called competitors, which claim that they’ve actually invented Korean beauty products. We’re the very first users of our own products and solutions. If it isn’t good enough for us, then how can we offer it to anyone else? Rest assured that there are quite a few products that we have no other choice than to discard from our list. Why? It’s actually quite simple. These products just couldn’t pass our rigorous criteria. We couldn’t possibly allow ourselves a luxury of jeopardizing our brand’s good name with a cream or lotion, which failed to comply with our expectations.

We’re fully aware that this sounds like one of those annoying phrases you’re desperately trying to avoid, but for the SKIN18 profit comes at the position #18. The first seventeen positions are reserved for the countless tests and real-life tryouts. If it isn’t good enough for our skin, then we have no intention to risk your skin’s health and beauty. We’re the genuine and trustworthy Korean beauty ambassadors in the Western Hemisphere!

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