Why do sheet mask contain Alcohol? Is it Good or Bad?
Why do sheet mask contain Alcohol? Is it Good or Bad?


Face sheet masks are used by many. The aim is to moisturize the skin, as well as treat fine lines. Sheet masks are relatively easy to apply and they are best used to boost hydration. These masks are portable and many people use them while on the go.

Many recommend that they do not get used by those who have acne prone skin because since they increase the temperature on the skin they may increase the bacteria count, and thus cause more acne.

Sheet Mask contains alcohol?

One of the main considerations is whether to buy sheet masks that contain alcohol or those that are alcohol free.  Many skin care user would prefer to use alcohol-free sheet masks, but It might be surprised that alcohol in sheet mask actually has advantage for the sheet masks pampering process.

Goods about sheet mask with alcohol

  • Some sheet masks contain alcohol because alcohol helps other ingredients to penetrate the skin more effectively.
  • Alcohol can also help to keep a formula more stable.

Bads about sheet mask with alcohol

  • However many people are concerned about the presence of alcohol especially due to possible irritation to the skin, especially to sensitive skin.  There are those who feel that alcohol free products are always the best option.
  • Those who have experienced irritation because of the presence of alcohol know that they had very dry skin, and the skin is in a state of stress as its ability to heal itself diminishes.
As a result alcohol free sheet masks are preferred in many cases if alcohol ends up causing irritation, it is even more problematic for people who have dry skin.
If you have these concerns about the presence of alcohol in sheet masks it is recommended that you check the ingredients list so as to see if it is present, and if so, check the percentage of alcohol.
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