Which one is more suitable for me? Sheet mask? Wash off mask?

Which one is more suitable for me? Sheet mask? Wash off mask?

Sheet masks and wash off masks have become increasingly popular over the past few years. With the increasing amount of interest shown by both men and women to keep their skin looking smooth and healthy, the demand for face masks has increased considerably in the market.

At skin18.com you will be able to find various varieties of sheet masks, as well as wash off masks. Many customers are not able to differentiate between the different types of masks, and often they are not sure which type is most suitable for their skin. Let us elaborate a bit on these types of face masks and what one should be aware of.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are made from paper or a thick cloth, which is soaked with an essence that will then penetrate into the skin. These sheet masks are to be used only once. They are mostly suitable for hydration purposes, and to reduce or prevent pigmentation. Sheet masks are convenient to apply, and in fact they are ideal for travellers.

Wash Off Masks

Wash off masks on the other hand tend to offer deeper cleansing than sheet masks, but they are not as convenient since they require one to wash them after using them. If you are looking for better cleansing and exfoliation wash off masks are ideal. However if you want something quicker and simpler, wash off masks are not that great since they call for a considerable amount of time and preparation to apply and to clean off afterwards. So the choice depends on what you are looking for in terms of cleansing and what amount of time you want to devote on the application.

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